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Industry Interview: Disney Rollergirl

This week's Industry Interview is Disney Rollergirl , fashion industry blogger extraordinaire who has taken time out from her busy schedule to tell us a little bit about her day job: I'm a freelance stylist, journalist... Read more »

Disney Rollergirl writes: Go forth and swap!

They say that recessions stimulate creativity and judging by all the innovative ways of acquiring new stuff without actually spending that's been going on, I'd say that's a fair analysis. Thanks to Freecycle.com , I now... Read more »

Disney Rollergirl writes: Will WAGs save the economy?

Last week I took my mum to Westfield . It was my third time and I didn't think I was the shopping centre type, yet somehow it's growing on me. While mum stocked up on cushions at Next, I browsed The Village, the 'posh... Read more »

Disneyrollergirl is loving the new designer-high street love-in

When I got the memo that Ann-Sofie Back had signed up with Cheap Monday to head its design team in Sweden, I was so excited I nearly choked on my Dr Karg crispbread. After the previous appointments of Jil Sander at... Read more »

Disneyrollergirl contemplates summer's flowers-with-everything trend

Disneyrollergirl writes... Holy Obama, when did the fash-pack suddenly get into gardening? At a big birthday bash two weeks ago, the pre-clubbing chit-chat wasn't about Ibiza or Croatia but the merits of growing your... Read more »

Disneyrollergirl backs team Vogue in the size zero debate

Disneyrollergirl writes: The size zero debate is one that refuses to go away and this week it's back in fashion like a particularly stubborn slogan tee. This time it's to do with a letter penned by Vogue's Alexandra... Read more »

'It's not just clothes' Disneyrollergirl defends the fashion industry

Disneyrollergirl writes: If I hear one more person say "it's just clothes" when discussing fashion, the fashion industry or any drama therein, I think I'll explode in an eruption of Christopher-Kane-print-style... Read more »

Affordable luxury is the new black, writes Disneyrollergirl

Disneyrollergirl writes: "Wow, everything's suddenly so cheap, I'm quite loving this recession!" rejoiced a friend of mine recently, perusing the prices in the Selfridges sale. While I wouldn't quite put it like... Read more »

Disneyrollergirl mulls over the marriage between menswear and womenswear

Disneyrollergirl writes: Each menswear season I take more and more interest. Is it me or is menswear and womenswear becoming ever converged? This season we saw candy-coloured suits at Wintle , drop-crotch floral... Read more »

Retailers want to talk to you, and they want you to talk back, writes Disneyrollergirl

Disneyrollergirl writes: A chat with a retail expert recently revealed that customers are super-cautious. They don't trust anyone at the moment, least of all anyone who is trying to sell them something. Banks? Forget... Read more »