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H&M announce collaboration with Comme des Garçons

The closest I've come to being this excited about an H&M collaboration is the forthcoming Marimekko collection, but the news that Comme Des Garçons are planning a collection with H&M surely tops them all. The collection... Read more »

Comme des Garçons launch Black label at Dover Street Market

In a typically inventive response to the economic crisis Comme des Garçons are launching their Black label, a limited collection consisting their most popular and successful CdG styles in basic black. The collection... Read more »

More from Comme des Garçons for H&M - the full line revealed!

Click image for a closer look! Last week we gave you a sneak peek at the forthcoming Comme des Garçons for H&M collection . Now, thanks to the lovely ladies at Fashionista , we can reveal the full line (minus... Read more »

Comme Des Garçons for H&M now online

Click image to enlarge, full product details after the jump In a little over two weeks' time the Comme des Garçons for H&M collection will finally see the light of day, starting off in Tokyo on November 8th and... Read more »

Psst... Comme des Garçons for H&M gossip!

Click image to enlarge At the H&M press day we heard an amazing tale about the CDG for H&M launch. The Comme des Garçons collection debuts in Europe on the 13th, but will hit the stores in Japan on the 8th, aka... Read more »

Comme des Garcons for H&M gets lukewarm reception in the states

Compared to reports from Tokyo, the US reception of the Comme des Garcons for H&M collection was tame. Our US sister site ShinyStyle reports that by an hour after the 5th Avenue store opened it was relatively calm shopping. As... Read more »

CQ Preview: Comme des Garçons for H&M

The first pictures of the highly-anticipated Comme des Garçons for H&M diffusion collection are slowly leaking onto the web. Our mates at Fashionista got the low-down from an advance copy of September's W magazine ,... Read more »

Comme des Garçons for H&M: The lookbook

Okay, so we know that being the style-savvy folks that you are, you have already seen the full line from Comme des Garçons for H&M . But have you seen the actual lookbook... eh? Lucky for you, the blog-o-sphere is onto it, so... Read more »

Nylon asks: 'Is this Comme des Garçons for H&M?' We're not so sure...

When the lovely Faran at Nylon sent us an email asking us whether these were the first images from the forthcoming Comme des Garçons diffusion range for H&M (pictured above, top) we nearly wet ourselves with... Read more »

Designer diffusion lines you don't need to queue for (who needs Comme des Garcons at H&M anyway?!)

Comme Des Garcons for H&M and Christopher Kane for Topshop might get heaps of publicity, and ranges like Giles Gold for New Look might be well-known to most of us, but what about all the designer diffusion lines that... Read more »