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Holly Willoughby's fashion-related column inches make her the perfect face for a clothing brand

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Celebrity Gallery: 'Young Victoria' star Emily Blunt's red carpet moments

We love Emily Blunt's understated style and her ability to let big dresses speak for themselves. Armed with a few key tools; sleek hair, stunning features and a clothes-hanger body, she can work anything from sparkly blue... Read more »

Bloggers turn designer... who's next?

Up until relatively recently, admitting to spending hours on the Internet - let alone having your own website (for this was a time before the word 'blog' even existed) - was something to be deeply, deeply ashamed of. How... Read more »

Peaches Geldof sounds off on Vivienne Westwood (amongst other things) in Disappear Here...

The gals over at Grazia have managed to nab themselves an advance copy of Peaches Geldof's new mag, Disappear Here, and so far it sounds like its actually worth a look, if only for Peaches's insightful musings.... Read more »

Peaches Geldof writes for 'Nylon' - and creates a stinking fuss

Kelly McAuliffe writes... Am I the only one who doesn't get what all the fuss is about regarding one Peaches Geldof and a certain debut column for Nylon magazine? I know people have strong feelings towards the girl... Read more »

The Luella effect - even more ways to channel the Ghost World collection

If you need further proof that the high street has fallen in love with Luella this season, Here it is. Following on from Isabelle's round-up of the best floral frilled skirts and my column about the season of the girly geek... Read more »

Newsflash! You're probably wearing the wrong bra size. Even if you don't think so.

Following on from Zara's column about her experience shopping for a big-busted bikini at Bravissimo , it's time for my story. Last year we sent some our girls there for a fitting and they raved about their experience. So,... Read more »

Marios Schwab London Fashion Week RTW 2008 Gallery

As much as I struggled with Marios Schwab 's column silhouette last season I was a little disappointed he hadn't stuck with it as it had bags of potential. I couldn't stay sad for long though, as he came up with a collection... Read more »

Gemma's adventures in shopping: Westfield vs the West End. Where will we all shop after Thursday?

Gemma Cartwright writes... As I write this column, it's less than 2 days until the grand opening of Westfield London , the huge new shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush. The massive mall is being touted as the new, more... Read more »

Psst... Did Victoria Beckham copy Osman Yousefzada?

Similarities between two column-style dresses, the latest of which appeared in Victoria Beckham's A/W 2010-2011 collection (above, left) have raised a few eyebrows. Osman Yousefzada (above, right) has found himself... Read more »