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Top 5 tips for looking after your clothes to make them last

You've invested in a few designer pieces, you've stocked up on classics and you've treated yourself to a few indulgences. But how do you make sure that you get the most out of that amazing collection of clothes? In order... Read more »

The secret behind Tess Daly's unexpected red dress

TV presenter Tess Daly has harked back to her modelling days by taking part in a photoshoot wearing a dramatic red layered dress with a buckled corset top. The dress was created by young designer Nikita Karizma , who's... Read more »

Get more out of your fashion favourites: how to make your clothes work harder

We all have our old faithfuls, those clothes you go back to again and again because the fit and style is just perfect for your body. But eventually, they get old, they go out of style or they need a bit of a revamp.... Read more »