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Blair's bachelorette directed by Clueless's Amy Heckerling

Exciting news for plaid fans! Whether you came of age wearing mini-kilt's like Cher ( Alicia Silverstone ) in Clueless or copped your plaid penchant from Blair ( Leighton Meester ) on Gossip Girl , you're going to want to... Read more »

Movie news: Coco Avant Chanel poster banned; Clueless the sequel?

It's Friday and I have some fun movie news for you. As we all know, Coco Avant Chanel recently opened in cinemas, much to the delight of fashion fans. However, it seems not everyone in Paris is happy to see Audrey... Read more »

Clueless, Pretty In Pink and Mean Girls are becoming video games...

...so does this mean Cher's iconic 'dress me' computer game is a step closer to becoming reality? I know there's wardrobe organising software out there already, but nothing is a patch on Cher's real-life fashion plate that... Read more »

Things to ask Santa for #5: Naff Fashion-themed Nintendo DS games

In lieu of the exact computer software that Cher used in Clueless, these are the best way to waste the commute if you're a fashionista with a Nintendo DS (pink, natch). Indulge in a bit of digital dress-up while the... Read more »

Drop-waist dresses: Alaia vs Coast

Dresses from Coast tend to err on the 'timeless' side, with lots of very classic pieces in heavy satin that work for bridesmaids and wedding attendees rather than fashion fans. So we were surprised to see they'd taken on... Read more »

10 fashion videos to keep you entertained over the festive season

We know at this time of year you need some silly stuff to keep you occupied between Christmas and New Year. So put down that turkey sandwich and take a few minutes to entertain yourself with ten of our favourite fashion-related... Read more »

Have you seen David Beckham's new H&M Bodywear campaign?

H&M would have had to of been clueless not to take David Beckham on for a new season. Following his previous successes fronting the high street chain's underwear label, David (and his bod) knows how to make a selection of... Read more »

Hollywood mourns Brittany Murphy, dead at 32

Hollywood is in shock today after the tragic passing of yet another young star. Brittany Murphy was reportedly found unconscious in the shower by her mother after suffering a full cardiac arrest early Sunday morning. The... Read more »