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Clothes Show London Diary

Steph Powell writes... The Clothes Show London this year has an array of things to draw you in; a beach, the Rimmel stand - basically a big pink teenage girls heaven - and as always, bargains galore. I went along to... Read more »

LL Cool J to design clothes for young boys and girls

LL Cool J , best know for his string of hits in the '90s, is set to design for Sears juniors market. WWD has reported that the 40-year-old rapper who's stage name stands for Ladies Love Cool James, wants to design... Read more »

Busts 4 Justice: Why should big bras cost more when big clothes don't?

it's not often I read something in The Daily Mail that I actually agree with, but today Erin Kelly has spoken out against Marks and Spencer , who add an extra £2 to the price of all their DD+ bras . She's urged everyone to... Read more »

Asda hit the headlines with their £20 suit for women

In their latest credit-crunching move, Asda have followed their cheap party dresses with a women's trouser suit that comes in at less than £20 . The 'City Suit' comprises a fully-lined single-breasted jacket for £11.74... Read more »

EMI team up with Sainsbury's to bring you song lyrics on clothes

EMI have signed a deal with Sainsbury 's which will allow the retailer to manufacture clothes with lyrics owned by the record label. This is the latest initiative under EMI's Lyric brand which licences posters,... Read more »

Dress for Success initiative: Donate your unwanted clothes and receive 15% off at Harvey Nichols

It is not just the celebs who are donating their unwanted clothes for the greater good. You too can do your bit, and in return earn some fab rewards, both financially and personally. From 8th to 22nd October, if you drop... Read more »

Marc Jacobs: "Victoria Beckham's clothes really appeal to women"

Guess who is another fan of Victoria Beckham's clothing line? Yep it's long-time pal, Marc Jacobs . The designer has fessed up on what he really thinks of Beckham's fashion venture, by telling The Times his view... Read more »

Holly Willoughby reveals her new range with 'real women' models

Yesterday afternoon we took a trip to Claridge's to see Holly Willougby reveal her latest collection for Very.co.uk . This has become a bit of a seasonal event, but this time around, things were done a little differently. As... Read more »

How does your body affect where you shop for clothes?

Gemma Cartwright writes... Reading Amy's 'Tall Report' earlier this week made me think about how our height, body proportions, bust size and so on can affect our shopping habits. Whether we love our bodies or strive to... Read more »

Fashion non-story of the day: super-slim women luck out during awards season!

The press has today picked up on a story that's so duh -inducing it's barely worth mentioning. The news? You need to be a sample size 2 (UK 4-6) to get the best clothes during awards season. Unless you're an A list nominee... Read more »