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Holly Willoughby's 'Dancing on Ice' cleavage. Grabbing headlines for no apparent reason

Gemma Cartwright writes... Is everyone ready to bang their head against a brick wall again? With the new series of ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' in full swing, certain publications have taken to flogging a dead horse by pointing... Read more »

Holly Willoughby makes it into National Cleavage Day hall of fame

It's apt that the final day of our lingerie month is also National Cleavage Day , an intiative started by who else but push-up bra specialists Wonderbra . According to the brand, "We view this as a day for women to... Read more »

M&S plunging sales down to plunging necklines?

When it comes to the business of fashion, can a plunging neckline equate to plunging sales? The female shareholders of Marks & Spencer seem to think so, and have reportedly accused M&S executives of offering up designs... Read more »

Fashion Face Off: Britney Spears and Ashley Tisdale in Brian Lichtenberg

Looks like pop stars of all ages love this hot pink Brian Lichtenberg mini dress with a sheer, cleavage-bearing panel. Both Britney Spears and Ashley Tisdale pull off the dress well, but who do you think wore it better?... Read more »

Donatella Versace: Hillary Clinton doesn't need to wear trousers to show she's strong

Picture this: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in a body-hugging, possibly cleavage-baring, thigh-revealing Versace dress (safety pins optional). Is this the image you have of a woman in politics or power? Well,... Read more »

German Vogue's June 2008 issue is all about Sex (and it has nothing to do with SATC)

They say sex sells, and no doubt the June 2008 issue of Germany Vogue will certainly have a few tongues wagging. Especially at the image of Claudia Schiffer showing off her fabulous cleavage on the cover. Wearing... Read more »

Hot or Not: Scarlett Johansson on Jay Leno

It seems the new darker locks (or perhaps married life) has caused something of a style shakeup for the always lovely Scarlett Johansson . Gone (for now anyway) are the skin-tight, cleavage-exposing frocks and incoming... Read more »

Katy Perry's Giles dress gets banned from Sesame Street!

Wow what a stir one dress can create! It seems Katy Perry's cleavage is fine for her music videos and Russell Brand , but not so much for the muppets on Sesame Street . The starlet's recent appearance on the kid's TV... Read more »

2011 Golden Globes: Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway cover up

Opting to cover up instead cleavage-out at the Globes were Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway . Donning similar long-sleeved embellished dresses, the actresses proved that old saying that often less is more. Emerald... Read more »

Celeb Gallery: Mad Men's Christina Hendricks' Red Carpet Moments

Christina Hendricks is one of Catwalk Queen's most popular celebrities, and it's easy to see why. With her killer hourglass figure, this woman can't help but stand out on the red carpet, regardless of what she wears. But she's... Read more »