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Brittique bring us Basso & Brooke for less than £100

Having just picked Basso and Brooke as one of my Fashion Week highlights , I was really excited to see that Brittique have a few past season pieces by the designers reduced drastically in their sale. Because they're known... Read more »

Peter Jensen preppy 'P' jumper from Brittique

Forget 'Team Aniston' t-shirts and the like, if you're going to declare your love for anyone make it Peter Jensen. The designer who has used Christina of Denmark and Candice Marie from 'Nuts in May' lets his humorous... Read more »

100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #89 - 91: Dresses for the Shiny ladies!

These choices were inspired by my discovery of the lace dress in the middle. It's from Monsoon and called Zsa Zsa (£75.36) which is the nickname we have for our good friend Zara, editor of Kiss and Makeup . I thought it... Read more »

Summer rainmac pick: French Connection, Lulu & Red and Louise Amstrup

Summer rain isn't the same as winter rain, the fat heavy drops and stiff breezes can catch you unawares and before you know it your look is more drowned rat than summer hottie. I've picked three different lightweight macs... Read more »