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Bloggers turn designer... who's next?

Up until relatively recently, admitting to spending hours on the Internet - let alone having your own website (for this was a time before the word 'blog' even existed) - was something to be deeply, deeply ashamed of. How... Read more »

Mango hearts fashion bloggers!

Mango is hopping on board the fashion blogger train by inviting a bunch of them to participate in a Facebook competition. The Spanish retailer asked seven international fashion bloggers including Chiara from The Blonde... Read more »

Swedish blogger Elin Kling designs for H&M

In another coup for bloggers, H&M has teamed up with Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling . Launching her site in 2007, Kling has created nine pieces of clothing and two accessories which, according to Hilary Alexander,... Read more »

Fashion Blogger t-shirts courtesy of Borders and Frontiers

I must confess to complete ignorance when it comes to Borders and Frontiers , but as they're collaborating with some of CQ's favourite bloggers then they must be A Good Thing. Kingdom of Style , Style Rookie ,... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Little Shilpa, blogger Q&As and dream décors

Click image to enlarge More blogger Q&A, this time from Camille [ Childhood Flames ] I know exactly what I want my Christmas Party décor to look like, better start stockpiling the lametta and leopardskin [ Fur Coat,... Read more »

Susie Bubble joins the ranks of bloggers making t-shirts

We recently showcased blogger t-shirts from Kingdom of Style , Tavi and others and now Susie Bubble has got a piece of the action with her very own tee. Featuring a mash up of jewels, straps and trinkets it fits... Read more »

Golden Globes 2009: What the bloggers (and the boys) thought...

To finish up our Golden Globes coverage (yep, this is it, you can all breathe a sigh of relief!) we've opened up the floor to our friends. After all, it's all well and good us discussing at great length the merits of Eva... Read more »

The Sunday Times take a cheap shot at young fashion bloggers. Are they jealous, scared or just mean?

Gemma Cartwright writes... Reading The Sunday Times Style this weekend, I was excited to see one of Catwalk Queen's favourite fashion bloggers, Style Rookie , mentioned. That was until I noticed where Tavi's great blog... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs special: bloggers NYE outfits

Click image to enlarge Now the dust (and snow!) has settled on the New Year we're in need of a little glitz and sparkle so what better excuse to have a nosy at what the bloggers wore on New Year's Eve? By the sounds... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: tattoos, perms and the Blogger Pose

Click image to enlarge Karla got a matching tattoo with her mum, she's also hinted at an exciting project in the pipeline. [ Karla's Closet ] Selina is revealing to N.E.E.T her charity shop secrets, I'm gonna have a... Read more »