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Elizabeth Emmanuel goes from Royal Weddings to BHS

Elizabeth Emanuel - the designer most will know as half of the team who created Princess Diana's wedding dress - has turned her hand to the mass market, with a capsule range of four dresses for high street retailer BHS. As... Read more »

'What's that you're hiding behind the bear?': Kate Moss hits the shops with Sir Philip Green

[Photo: Rex Features] Adding further fuel to the fire that she is pregnant is Kate Moss , who stepped out for a bit of Christmas shopping on Friday, cleverly clutching a teddy bear in front of her stomach. The... Read more »

What to wear to the races at Royal Ascot whatever your budget!

It's a week until Royal Ascot begins, and we know for a fact that a lot of female attendees are still stressing about what to wear! With new strict regulations when it comes to headwear and hemlines, plus completely... Read more »

Six of the best: Red winter coats

We know what you're thinking. How do you wear a red coat without looking like Little Red Riding Hood? Well, with the Alexander McQueen coat that started our obsession, that's part of the charm. If you're going to wear red... Read more »

Dress of the Day: Reformed Fauna Dress

I think, if we all looked carefully, we'd find a dress exactly like this one at the back of our wardrobes (or perhaps our mums). The nineties saw an influx of styles like this which fell at a midi length (not in an ironic way... Read more »

Sunday Times Richlist: Philip Green tops the bill

The Sunday Times Richlist was released this weekend, a must-have for society's social climbers and nosy parkers! Philip Green and his wife Christina came in at number 6 in the list, the recession may have dented the... Read more »