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It's sheer m'dear: American Apparel vs. House of Holland's mesh dress

There is no time for modest mouses in this American Apparel version (above, left) of House of Holland's spandex mesh dress (above, right). Their micro-mini long-sleeved nylon sheer dress leaves very little to the... Read more »

Woody Allen sues American Apparel over billboard image

Above: Woody Allen with Donatella Versace at Barneys launch last month. American Apparel is in hot water with actor-director Woody Allen , who is suing the retailer for using his image in advertising without... Read more »

ASOS take on American Apparel with a block colour stretch dress

Which way does your moral compass point? Would you rather buy from a shop that copies celeb and designer clothing and outsources to foreign factories / suppliers, or from an company with ethical all-American factories but... Read more »

American Apparel take fashion extremism to a hole new level, geddit?

I spend more time than is probably advisable lurking around online fashion communities, and without a doubt the singular most boring (but recurring) topic is people picking up on some slightly 'different' item from Topshop... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Mary-Kate Olsen, Reborn sale and dinosaur heads

Karla's new American Apparel skirt looks great, and it's in coral so no complaints from me. [ Karla's Closet ] I love Camille's simple outfit, but what I love the most is the dinosaur head pose! [ Childhood Flames ] Did... Read more »

Mad Men's costume designer is not a retro diva in real life!

"I'm obsessed with my Lycra leggings with a gold side zip from American Apparel -- people stop me on the street and ask me about them. I'll wear them with booties and like a longer, gauzy shirt." - Mad Men costume... Read more »

Get The Look: Topshop channel House of Holland with huge polka dot leggings

[catwalk photos: Coutorture.com . Click to enlarge] We all know Topshop have their eye on the fashion pulse, especially where London Fashion Week is concerned, so it's not really a surprise that they've paid homage to... Read more »

Trend Gallery: Sport-Luxe

Sporty clothes were last trendy in the '90s when it was all toggles, ripstop, fleece and Prada 's techy moulded shoes... Eeek! Sounds unappealing but this time round it's all about combining sporty with luxe or unexpected... Read more »

Poppy Valentine limited range at ASOS.com - for your inner Alexa Chung

With clothes that could have come straight from a vintage store, and a model straight from the Alexa Chung school of cool, there are no prizes for guessing who ASOS are aiming the new range from Poppy Valentine at. Taking... Read more »

Henry Holland responds to M.I.A. Grammys dress backlash

Stepping out onto the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night raised more than a few eyebrows for M.I.A . The heavily-pregnant singer caused a fuss when she chose to wear a tight-fitting mesh dress featuring... Read more »