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Time up for Donatella at Versace? PLUS Georgia May Jagger puts modelling on hold

There is lots of chatter today that the end may soon be nigh for Donatella Versace at the House of Versace. Just last week Donatella was forced to insist that the company would weather any financial difficulties,... Read more »

Christopher Kane teams up with Donatella Versace on Versus accessories relaunch

Christopher Kane has collaborated with his mentor, Donatella Versace , on the relaunch of the Versus accessories line. The British designer has designed a capsule collection of handbags, footwear and jewellery,... Read more »

Donatella looks to the future with Versace & Versus

As Milan Fashion Week passed relentlessly through the weekend, we're still thinking about one woman's work on Friday - Donatella Versace . The 57-year-old Italian designer showed both sides of her creativity (and her... Read more »

Donatella Versace launches Fashion Fringe 2008 at Claridges

Launching this year's Fashion Fringe initiative at Claridges on Wednesday was founder Colin McDowell , who was joined by newly appointed chair person, Donatella Versace . Fashion Fringe began five years ago, in a bid... Read more »

Donatella Versace: Hillary Clinton doesn't need to wear trousers to show she's strong

Picture this: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in a body-hugging, possibly cleavage-baring, thigh-revealing Versace dress (safety pins optional). Is this the image you have of a woman in politics or power? Well,... Read more »

Donatella does Diet as Coke go designer

Amping up the excitement for Milan Fashion Week Coca Cola have enlisted some of the best Italian designers to revamp the design of their Coca Cola Light bottle (the Italian version of Diet Coke). Donatella Versace ,... Read more »

The Versace for H&M campaign - was it inspired by Donatella Versace's look?

Over the past few weeks we have whetted your Versace for H&M appetite by posting sneak peeks of the campaign, and glimpses of the pieces from Vogue editorials . Now here is a further look at the ad campaign which was... Read more »

Donatella Versace picks Fashion Fringe 2008 finalists

This year's Fashion Fringe finalists have been announced, with Go by a Secret Path, LF Markey, Sarah Easom and William Tempest making the cut. Chaired by Donatella Versace , this year's Fashion Fringe panel also... Read more »

Newsflash: Donatella Versace announces winner of Fashion Fringe 2008

The winner of this year's Fashion Fringe was announced yesterday as Eun Jeong Hong of Go by the Secret Path . After the four finalists showcased their collections, it was left to the judging panel, featuring Roland... Read more »

Henry Holland brings us nude Aggy, Lagerfeld, Galliano, Luella and Donatella

They're words that are likely to spread fear into the hearts of fashion fans across the globe. 'Karl Lagerfeld Naked'. I'm sorry, but it's true. Everyone's favourite London party boy (oh, and fashion designer) Henry Holland... Read more »