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Chloë Sevigny: 'The "It girl" is dead'

Chloë Sevigny is never one to keep quiet, which is why we love her all the more. The actress has given another frank interview, this time to Playboy magazine, expressing her views on her ideal man to why she thinks... Read more »

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Quote of the Day - Daisy Lowe: "Looks aren't everything"

"I looked at those pictures [of myself and Doctor Who star, Matt Smith, on holidays in Ibiza] and thought: 'Everything looks really bad.' You try and block things out, but when you see your cellulite circled in... Read more »


Quote of the day: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Glad to see it's not just me... "I do believe in chicken fillets. I'm not saying you have to use them, but if anyone knows me and sees me in a photoshoot, well, there are friends in there. I'm not a fan of that whole... Read more »


Valentino says what he really thinks of this year's Met Costume Gala

New York's recent Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala drew the usual celeb-heavy crowd of actresses, musicians, designers and models in an array of colourful couture. But it seems not everyone liked what they saw.... Read more »


Quote of the Day: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld treated like one of her mother's employees

"My mum told me always to wear heels. If I'm not wearing heels, she says, 'What? You're in flats?' So whenever I see her, I make sure I have heels with me." [ Julia Restoin-Roitfeld , daughter of Paris Vogue... Read more »


Quote of the day: Adele on being dressed by Anna Wintour

Adele made fashion headlines when she was chosen to be personally styled by Anna Wintour for the Grammys. Not only that, she was also accompanied by Vogue 's Hamish Bowles as her date for the awards. "I would have... Read more »


Quote of the Day: Diane von Furstenberg on her 'Purple Fashion' mag cover

"I don't know how I managed to not look ridiculous." [She's actually got a point, but we think Diane von Furstenberg managed to make Martin Margiela's bizarre blonde wig hairy coat look pretty fab indeed. WWD ,... Read more »


Quote of the day: Naomi Campbell on retiring and Jourdan Dunn...

"Jourdan Dunn isn't Naomi Campbell. I've never said I'm retiring, And if I did want to stop working, I'd just do it quietly. Because if you change your mind, you're going to have a hard time going back. I love what I... Read more »


QOTD: Lily Allen, confessions of a shopaholic!

"It's a lot of money. People say how terrible I look all the time - but imagine if I didn't spend £100,000 on clothes." - Lily Allen, discussing the fact she's been berated for recently spending $143,000 on clothes... Read more »


John Galliano takes his hat off to Stephen Jones

As his exhibition at the V&A draws closer, Stephen Jones has received the high praises of John Galliano , who has recalled the first time he met the famous milliner. "I remember the first time I met Stephen Jones - it... Read more »


British Vogue's Alexandra Shulman: "I'm not a great fashion person"

There was an interesting interview in the Independent over the weekend with British Vogue 's Alexandra Shulman . Naturally, the main focus of the article was economy, economy, economy but hearing it from a Vogue... Read more »


Henry Holland offers insight into his friendship with Agyness Deyn

We all know that childhood pals Henry Holland and Agyness Deyn are still the best of mates, but did we really need to know just how close they are? Henry Holland recently spoke to the Guardian about the impact his... Read more »

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Quote of the day: Marchesa's Georgina Chapman on receiving gifts

Apparently being married to one of the world's richest movie moguls, doesn't necessarily equal surprises. When it comes to buying presents, Marchesa's Georgina Chapman has admitted to the Telegraph that she has to... Read more »


Vivienne Westwood's pearls of wisdom for TIME magazine

TIME magazine has opened the floor for the public to ask Vivienne Westwood their burning questions of which ten were selected for her to answer. As always Dame Viv says how it is, here are a couple of those pearlers:... Read more »


Michael Kors knows his art, that's for sure

"If you can't afford to buy art, you wear it." [Sounds like a good idea to me Michael... Mr Kors knows what he's talking about people. WWD , 7 January 2009.] Read more »


Gratuitous Zooey Deschanel time! (Well, she's on Topshop's website)

"I think that experimentation is part of the fun! And I think fashion should be fun. It's such a shame that it's often associated with snobbery and elitism. It's such a nice way to express yourself and gain confidence."... Read more »


Peaches Geldof sounds off on Vivienne Westwood (amongst other things) in Disappear Here...

The gals over at Grazia have managed to nab themselves an advance copy of Peaches Geldof's new mag, Disappear Here, and so far it sounds like its actually worth a look, if only for Peaches's insightful musings.... Read more »


Quote of the Day: Agyness Deyn on her Dubai strip-search

"It was really traumatic. It wasn't the best experience in the world, but it is their culture and you just have to respect it." [ Agyness Deyn recalls how she and Lily Allen were asked to drop their daks by... Read more »


Quote of the day: Marc Jacobs on his tattoo fetish...

"I really have a good attitude about tattooing. When I first got one, two years ago, I was like, 'I'm not going to overthink this or what it means, or what it's going to be like when I'm 80. I want to get tattooed today,... Read more »


More credit crunch busting tips... this time from Dame Viv

"Times may be hard but British fashion has always been eclectic. Women should try on their husband's jackets and even boxer shorts for size as outerwear. Wearing political badges is also a great look and kerchiefs worn... Read more »


Simon Doonan's words of wisdom: How to deal with these tough times...

"When war broke out, Quentin Crisp went out and bought 10 pounds of henna. You don't get it, do you? It means when times are tough, you have to be even more fabulous and more glamorous, and you have to rise above... Read more »


Donatella Versace on *that* dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammys...

"It was an unexpected success." "The next day she was all over the place with people talking about her in that dress. It was one of those moments like Gianni had with Elizabeth Hurley and the safety-pin dress." - As... Read more »


Happy Halloween from the X Factor. Sort of.

"I am currently sat at my desk dressed as a zombie. Giant nest of hair, blue lips, dark circles round the eyes, outfit that's been through the shredder, mental gleam in my eye. Someone has just asked if I am supposed to be... Read more »


Reason #431 we wish we were Alexa Chung...

"I get goodies every week, and it's dreamy, but I'm given so much I feel guilty. Cosmetics companies usually get it right -- I get lots of black eyeliner. But it's not all good. Sometimes I open a bag and it's full of... Read more »


Lindsay Lohan wasn't "allowed" to go to Alexander Wang's show

"I wanted to go to his show so bad, but his publicist said they weren't allowing any celebrities to attend. So I said, 'Consider me a normal person then!' But they wouldn't." [Bad fake tan and no Alexander Wang?... Read more »


Quote of the Day: UK 'Vogue' editor Alexandra Schulman on her first impressions of Kate Moss

"The first time I saw Kate Moss, I did not think she was beautiful. It was during the New York fashion shows of 1992 and she was a slight, bow-legged, mouseyhaired urchin with attitude." [from article in October... Read more »


The wisdom of Kaiser Karl #10: Lagerfeld on birthdays

"Sunglasses are like eyeshadow. They make everything look younger and prettier." [Kaiser Karl might actually be onto something there... in fact, I can't even picture what he looks like without his! As compiled... Read more »


Quote of the Day: Simon Doonan on women becoming increasingly self-critical

"You know, at least once a week someone calls me up and says, 'Don't you think it's terrible when fat girls have muffin tops over their jeans?' And I say, 'Not if they're happy.' Who cares?" [We don't really... Read more »

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Quote of the day: Charlize Theron airs her views on 'The Hills'

"Why is it so big? It's about nothing! This is a free country. Freedom of speech! You can tell me right now to my face that 'Reindeer Games' was a piece of sh**. That's totally fine. But 'The Hills' is about nothing. I... Read more »