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fafi vogue nippon ray ban clubmasters.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Fafi for Vogue Nippon, Eley Kishimoto and Clubmasters

I've said it once, twice and now thrice. Ray Ban Clubmasters are the new Wayfarers. [ That's Just my Vibe ] DSR has a really well thought-out post on ditching the shopping in favour of reusing old wardrobe rejects. [ Disney... Read more »

kingdon of style ruffle shower flower skirt michelle.jpg

Kingdom of Style shower flower skirt

I usually reserve stuff like this for Pick of the Blogs , but Kingdom of Style blogger Michelle's skirt is so unutterably awesome it deserves a post of its own. Made entirely from shower flowers the skirt is a frothy... Read more »

alice in wonderland shoot threadless tee.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Japanese fabric, Pucci and Alice in Wonderland

I'm fast becoming a fan of Alix's photoshoots, and this Alice in Wonderland-inspired shoot is amazing. [ Cherry Blossom Girl ] Aurelia has made this gorgeous Japanese fabric skirt, hopefully it will inspire the dressmakers... Read more »

karla's closet croydon fashion week mannsih trousers zara shoes.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Lindsay Lohan loves Louis Vuitton, mannish trousers and Croydon Fashion Week

H snapped up the shoes I've been eyeing up at Zara, but apparently they're huritng her toes. Time for a rethink! [ Prêt-à-Porter P ] Eli's posted some fabulous outfit pics taken by her boyfriend. Man alive that dirty blonde... Read more »

fops and dandies button top shirt.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Newbies, motels and Primark

Kirsty Lee echoes my sentiments about Primark in her comprehensive shop review [ That Just My Vibe ] I am bored as LC about the tired magazine tips for revamping your clothes, but annoyingly her top looks great! [ Fops... Read more »

karl lagerfeld chanel fishing rod.JPG

Pick of the Blogs: Chanel fishing rod, fabulous fringing and M.I.A .

There's nothing like a Photoshopped picture of Karl Lagerfeld to make your day, it's in aid of a $20,000 Chanel fishing rod..Don't all rush out and buy one now! [ Born Rich ] KoS' purple fringed dress: definitely DO WANT. [... Read more »

jean charles de castelbajac festival style.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Jean Charles De Castelbajac, festival chic and vintage one-pieces

Ponystep talk to Jean Charles De Castelbajac about Keith Haring, dressing M.I.A and being called JCDC by 'ver kids'. [ Ponystep ] Jael has uncovered yet another vintage store, more eye candy for us! [ Fashion Me Fabulous ]... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Biba, Woody Allen and Ray Ban Clubmasters

Sabrina has been scouring the street style sites to find two great slouchy summer looks. [ Professionally Trendy ] Une Jeune Demoiselle treats us to another rundown of her favourite films, this time Woody Allen gets the... Read more »

fifi lapin sex and the city giles deacon.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Ugly, blazers, and FIT's Gothic exhibition

SATC fatigue is starting to hit the blogosphere [ Dressed and Pressed ] KoS two days in a row but it's justified by Michelle's interesting post on the merits of ugly in fashion. [ Kingdom of Style ] Beth confirms the... Read more »

kingdon of style wardrobe.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: KoS' wardrobe, rainy days and Primark heels

Have the fashion gods been listening? KoS' Michelle is the latest blogger to show us her wardrobe, keep em coming ladies! [ Kingdom of Style ] Ailbhe is giving her clothes away! Spread the love and initiate a swap [... Read more »

cherry blossom girl wardrobe.JPG

Pick of the Blogs: Cherry Blossom Girl's wardrobe, trying too hard and the allure of difference

There is nothing I love more than looking at how other people organise their wardrobes, and Alix's wardrobe is pure eyecandy. [ Cherry Blossom Girl ] Susie Bubble is trying too hard --her words not mine! The results are... Read more »

victoria beckham marc jacobs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Victoria Beckham, Sartorialist in London

The first of The Sartorialist's London shots are up [ The Sartorialist ] VB in another ad for MJ, what do you think? [ Popsugar ] Roberto Cavalli has a bee in his bonnet about London designers, apparently they're too crazy [... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Vogue, Wednesaday Addams and the perfect pair of trousers

Our Hannah is also gearing up for GFW, she even got to meet up with UK Vogue's Alexandra Shulman recently! [ fashion she wrote ] Their thrift star of the day is wearing some of the most perfect pleated trousers I have ever... Read more »

joan collins birthday.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Joan Collins, Air Hostess uniforms, Rogan for Target playsuit

Rachael's found a website of air hostess outfits that put Easyjet to shame. [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] The Fug Girls are celebrating Joan Collins' birthday in bitchtastic style. [ Go Fug Yourself ] Camille is rocking Rogan... Read more »

naomi campbell fabsugar birthday.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Naomi's birthday, Mulberry's new pop-up shop, exam help is on its way

Naomi Campbell is 38 today, can you believe it? [ FabSugar UK ] LC received an exciting Coutorture invitation to style a model at Diane Von Furstenburg's store ... Take a look! [ Fops and Dandies ] Mulberry are opening... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Nagi Noda's hair scultpures, fake tan and 'The Cross Dresser Test'

Copenhagen Street Style is back... But this time it's in New York. CSS are hanging out in the Big Apple for the next three months. [ Copenhagen Street Style ] I got a fake tan for the first time, go and laugh at the... Read more »

party girl traquenard.jpg

Pick of the blogs: Coachella tri-blend, filmspiration, and enviornmentally sensitive clothing

Apparently M.I.A is considering giving up music to create a clothing line, the singer has been dressed by Cassette Playa and recently featured in some Marc Jacobs ads so I've got high expectations. [ Painfully Hip ] Get... Read more »

the coveted ebay links shops.jpg

The Coveted's hotlist of eBay sellers

Trawling through eBay can bring down even the most avid fashionista, I mean try looking for suede boots when all you get is a sea of UGGs?! I've just spent half an hour looking through all the great links that Jenine from... Read more »

head dress cherry blossom girl.jpg

Pick of the blogs: It's not you it's me, headdresses and Memorial day outfits

Beth has picked a great selection of outfit ideas for Memorial Day, and for once it's hot enough over here to actually try them out! [ The Vintage Society ] I'm adding Showdown Vintage to my links as we speak [ Fashion Me... Read more »

tavi style rookie blog shoot.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: summer trends, dates for your diary and how to stop strapless dresses from slipping

Get your diaries out! Disney Rollergirl has unearthed some great films and events happening in London [ Disney Rollergirl ] I'm slightly Tavi-obsessed now, but her impromptu fashion shoot (pictured above) is definitely Pick... Read more »

kari Arulpragasam jewellery eurofia.jpg

Pick of the blogs: Agyness' music vid, M.I.A's sister and cinematic couture

Jewellery by Kari Arulpragasam Poppy Lee has put up Agy's video and it's not too bad, her voice does sound slightly week but it's a helluva lot better than any other model offering I've heard. Anyone remember Naomi... Read more »

cherry blossom girl pink hair.jpg

Pick of the blogs

Cherry Blossom Girl has got a craving for pink hair, or as she puts it 'des cheveux shamallow' [ Cherry Blossom Girl ] Recession? What recession the CEO of Neiman Marcus isn't worried about his customers. [ Disney... Read more »

kim cattrall wardrobe closet.jpg

Pick of the blogs

A throughly stylish outfit to step out in [ The Freelancer's Fashionblog ] Susie Bubble is in Hyères, getting the lowdown on the trends from the festival. [ Style Bubble ] The Readhead makes me jealous with her... Read more »


More news in brief: Lilo spotting at Shiny Towers? Gwyneth's shoe obsession, winning student style.

Lindsay Lohan signs as the face of the Visa Swap shop in Covent Garden. Does that mean we'll run into her during lunch? [ Fashionista ] Practice your look with the make-up artists sketchbook from the V&A. Cute! [ Kiss and... Read more »

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Pick of the blogs: Chanel chainsaws,

Rachael is drooling over Tom Sach's sculptures [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Batshit Glam is making me laugh as she describes the perils of wearing her gorgeous new cream dress. [ Batshit Glam ] I'm suddenly hankering for a... Read more »

fringed tights bebaroque.JPG

Pick of the Blogs

KoS are lusting after Bebaroque's fringed tights, and so am I now! [ Kingdom of Style ] Showing us how to rock DMs...[ Fashion Robot ] I'm loving Gnarlitude's images of her Chanel nail varnish [ Gnarlitude ] Trust... Read more »


Win a trip to Barcelona | Ogle Nicole | Target do Topshop and more news from around our network

It's a high street double whammy as Target 'do' Topshop. So no more complaining about how we get the best stuff in the UK. [ Shoewawa ] Win an trip for you and two mates to Barcelona, plus loads of Neutrogena goodies for... Read more »

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CQ Pick of the blogs

Our intrepid LFW reporter Rachael Gibson picked up on a story about female lawyers being banned from wearing fishnets...The cheek! [ Fur Coat No Knickers ] Don't believe the Abercrombie & Fitch hype [ Disneyrollergirl ]... Read more »


Happy Easter - fight the boredom with our shiny mates

We're about to go off and enjoy the long weekend by sitting around awkwardly with our families while the rain pours down outside. I would imagine by this afternoon someone will have given in, logged on and updated. Until then,... Read more »