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Pick of the Blogs: dressing for autumn, LFW flusters and timeless chic

Glad to see we're not the only ones nervously anticipating London Fashion Week, it starts on Saturday! [ Disney Rollergirl ] Fashion is my job, but dressing for this mid-autumn weather is tough, Elin shares my pain. [... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: tattoos, perms and the Blogger Pose

Click image to enlarge Karla got a matching tattoo with her mum, she's also hinted at an exciting project in the pipeline. [ Karla's Closet ] Selina is revealing to N.E.E.T her charity shop secrets, I'm gonna have a... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: socks, rosettes and ruffles

Deep cobalt blues, burgundies and rich prints: it's no wonder Fashion Fillers is the thrift star of the day. [ Painfully Hip ] DRG will make a Sonia Rykiel sock convert of me yet [ Disney Rollergirl ] Thankfully the Large... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Anne Demeulemeester boots, LFW and au revoir Rosie Pop!

As the proud owner of about a dozen coats I wholeheartedly support DSG's 'cocktail coat' idea, why be fashion-hampered by your outer layer? [ Disney Rollergirl ] Nicking your mum's shoes is always going to be more fun when... Read more »

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Pick of the Shiny Blogs: Marcello Mastroianni, sausage dogs and your own personal sauna

It's all go in Hossegor at the Rip Curl Pro Mademoiselle . If you ask nicely I'll sing you my St Jean de Luz song...[ Nollie ] Over at Brandish we WANT these glasses, they're the height of retro Italian chic [ Brandish ]... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Fred Butler, Cécille Guyenne and the Jeano™

Eyecandy by Cécille Guyenne courtesy of Sabrina. [ Professionally Trendy ] The 400 Blows takes me back to end of term films at school, as usual Jeune Demoiselle has come up with a winning selection of film stills [ Jeune... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Mongrels in Common, lace-up shoes and holiday snaps

Click image to enlarge If you missed out on a summer holiday fear not, Alix's pretty Sicilian pictures will transport you better than any crummy Ryanair flight [ Cherry Blossom Girl ] Karla in wide leg trousers... I... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: scrapbooks, house moves and Pierrot hats

The Queens have been featured in Italian Glamour, but I think a few things got lost in translation. [ Kingdom of Style ] Treat yourself to Tavi's humorous tales of woe, hopefully the room swap will go better than the scarf... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Susie Bubble's fave chazzas, Miranda July and Hayao Miyazaki

I'm ready to down tools and go shopping as Susie Bubble has revealed her favourite charity shops including a Trinny Hop (my fave chazza "brand") [ Style Bubble ] Another of my favourite things, Miranda July. DSG has got the... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Terry de Havilland, bandage dresses and thrifting

Click image to enlarge Tavi has chanced upon the remarkable similarity between Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry, uncanny even down to the wink! [ Style Rookie ] Nylon show us the new 90210 girls, is it just me or do they... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Fake Karl, vintage dresses and Rodarte tights

Isabel is doing some exciting things with vintage, her revamped dress looks hot! [ Hipster Musings ] Selina has spotted some Rodarte-lite tights on Love Honey of all places [ Flying Saucer ] Stephanie has outed herself as a... Read more »

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Pick of the blogs: Stylebytes returns, Bebaroque tights and boots

Stylebytes Agathe is back, sorta. Go and say hello. [ Stylebytes ] Michelle is the proud owner of the gorgeous Bebaroque studded tights, I can see a rebellion on its way though, everyone seems to be sporting them studs... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Anna Wintour intern hell, brogues and blogger fame

Click image to enlarge Retro dresses and Alan Partridge, what more could a girl want? [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction-era bob sounds hot, I want to see pictures! [ A Slowboat to Mediocrity ] What... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Occupied Paris, Tyra's Michelle Obama shoot and thrifting

Liebemarlene has unearthed some spectacular images from Nazi-occupied Paris that will take your breath away in their beauty and portentousness. [ Liebemarlene Vintage ] Sabrina's got some interesting thoughts on Tyra... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Penelope Tree, jewellerywear and back to school

Click image to enlarge Cloe's Back to School picks have me wishing I was still a kid, maybe I can buy myself some pencil cases, 4-colour biros and notebooks and pretend? [ The one, the only scubasocks ] Peggy... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Eleanor Hardwick, Salavatore Ferragamo and rosettes

Click image to enlarge DSG gives us a potted history of Salvatore Ferragamo, I'm looking forward to the Cristina Ortiz stuff as much as she is. [ Disney Rollergirl ] Kris' image haul is totally satisfying my newfound... Read more »


Pick of the Blogs: Mary-Kate Olsen, Reborn sale and dinosaur heads

Karla's new American Apparel skirt looks great, and it's in coral so no complaints from me. [ Karla's Closet ] I love Camille's simple outfit, but what I love the most is the dinosaur head pose! [ Childhood Flames ] Did... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Olympics- Ralph Lauren style, floral tights and bright navy

Click image to enlarge Michelle's spectacular craft exploits are getting to me, when are we going to see an Etsy shop?! [ Kingdom of Style ] Beth's hit the nail on the head, knee length skirts just aren't cutting it... Read more »

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Pick of the Shiny Blogs: Oyster card in your watches and Keane are good apparently

Oyster cards in watches are the future apparently, amazing! [ ShinyShiny ] Malene Birger's heels are taunting me from the pages of my-wardrobe, nude and black is such a classy combo. [ Shoewawa ] Who is the celeb spotted... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Leona Lewis, Marine Girls and carrot leg trousers

Any girl who has Marine Girls as their shoot inspiration is a friend of mine [ Cherry Blossom Girl ] Happy belated birthday to Flying Saucer, who is trying out the carrot leg trousers trend, I love it! [ Flying Saucer ]... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Zac Efron, Red Light fashion and sewing

Click image to enlarge DSR is encouraging you to share your experiences of good service with the blogosphere. [ Disney Rollergirl ] This sewing jealousy is getting a little out of hand now, Michelle's projects just... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Newbies, motels and Primark

Click image to enlarge Skye's slouchy summer outfit is gorgeous. Obviously it's winter in Australia but I think it would be perfect for the temperemental English weather. [ Skylark and Son ] Camille is the proud owner... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Anna Wintour gives Karl the finger, skresses solutions and grey jersey

Michelle's come up with a great solution for all those skirts you want to wear as dresses without baring your chest/back. [ Kingdom of Style ] As if we weren't dreaming of being by the seaside already LC digs out some... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Marta Streck, Tavi returns and a vintage dilemma

Click image to enlarge I'd never heard of Yasuko Furuta before and now I'm hooked on his Marni-esque use of colour and textural play. [ A Slowboat to Mediocrity ] It's easy to pick on Topshop, but are they really... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: day in the life of DSR, Bebaroque do studs and SOS's mum

Click image to enlarge Bebaroque's tights look like something from Star Trek. This is obviously a Very Good Thing. [ Rosie Pop ] Wendy is packing for Mexico and it looks like she's got herself a pretty stylish... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: ugly bag, Dollydagger sun suit, pastel loveliness

Click on image to enlarge Romantic retro reminiscing over at Liebermarlene, it makes me want to indulge in a Bette Davies film amrathon [ Libermarlene Vintage ] Everybody has ugly days, so what better solution than a... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Lindsay Lohan's leggings, prom chic and Paris 'vitrines'

Lindsay Lohan's leggings are flying off the shelves in the US [ Shiny Style ] I love Mode Elite's N.E.R.D inspired outfit, the My Drive Thru outfit is equally rocking. [ Mode Elite ] Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: housesitting, postal bins and slobbing Queens

Housesitting has never been so stylish [ Fashionpirates ] Take one postal bin, one fashion blogger and what do you get? [ Style Rookie ] Clothes Horse is having a Clara Bow moment [ The Clothes Horse ] Queen Michelle... Read more »

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Shiny's Finest: Celeb emoticons, chick flicks and Topman Lens

I hate chick flicks, but Leila's top 5 best and worst chick flicks had me nodding in agreement rather than my usual outpouring of steam from my aural orifices. [ Dollymix ] Gwen Stefani has been named as one of the 19... Read more »