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Pick of the Blogs: Karl lagerfeld, fashion pumpkins and tartan

Click image to enlarge It's time to start getting ready for Hallowe'en, and I know you'll all be doing it in style so here's something to get you in the mood. [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] A great outfit, illustrations and... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Paninaro, Margot Tenenbaum and fringing

Click image to enlarge It's a deviation from Karla's usual outfits and will probably divide opinion but I love her fringed trousers. Kudos for leaving your comfort zone and looking good! [ Karla's Closet ] Sculptural,... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Chanel, Jovovich Hawk and homework

Click image to enlarge It's fake but real Chanel. Real pieces of Chanel made into fake but still real, capice? [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Some pleasing fashion odds and ends from Jane, including an incredible pair of... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Rodarte, Luella and customised Zara

Click image to enlarge Rumi's customised Zara heels are impeccable, I wish my craft projects were this neat! [ Fashion Toast ] Jenny shows us you don't have to be a rock chick to wear a leather jacket. [ Wiksten Made... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Advanced Style, KoS leggings and Peau d'Âne

Click image to enlarge My new favourite blog has snapped China Vogue's Anna Ziourova in Margiela ripped jeans. [ Jak & Jil ] The film of the French fairytale Peau d'Âne looks like perfect rainy Sunday bedtime... Read more »

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Pick of the Shiny Blogs: time lapse cat, hair headphones and lipstick

This week, Zara undertook the red lipstick challenge and like Homer Simpson says, with sexy results. [ Kiss and Makeup ] Kelly is right, Juicy Couture have done really well with this apple green handbag. [ The Bag Lady ]... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Paris Fashion Week, and welcome back bloggers!

Click image to enlarge I hadn't dared look at Suburban Queen's blog after she announced a hiatus but she's back! She's made one Finnophile very happy. [ Suburban Queen ] Jenny shows us how to get into the spirit of... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Emma Watson, Balmain on the cheap and Kenzo

Click image to enlarge Mmm, the Paris-based designers sure know how to do invites. [ Style Bubble ] Scholarly beginnings for MDM, the MA sounds enthralling! [ Make Do and Mend ] There are no words for this post... Just... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Paris rundown, proper goth and the kids are alright!

Click image to enlarge Camille gives us her pick of the Paris catwalks, I'm with you on Dries! [ Childhood Flames ] The Sunday Times might be outing young bloggers as uncool (yawn), but back on teh nets Tavi presents... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Jessica Stam, New York and CDG

Click image to enlarge *Jel Alert!* DSR's just got back from New York and while the weather may not have been on her side she obviously had a good time. [ Disney Rollergirl ] Jessica Stam : Just Like Us! Well maybe... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Kate Lamphear, bow ties and fancy tights

Click image to enlarge Bow ties are a blogger trend in the making, Elin's on the case. [ Elinkan ] Peacock feather tights, the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. [ (Into) The Fray ] Garance Doré has written an... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: M.I.A, organza skirts and your mum

Check out the latest KoS creation, it wont be long before Michelle opens her own shop mark my words... [ Kingdom of Style ] Arabelle's picture (above) is perfect, the colour, the clutter, the pose. I want to steal it,... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: cast offs, French textbooks and Milan Fashion Week picks

Click image to enlarge Tavi is in the enviable position of getting her mum's friend's cast offs, share the love Tavi? [ Style Rookie ] Camille surely has the most stylish wrist of the moment? It reminds me of the... Read more »

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Pick of the Shiny Blogs: Chanel fishing gear, hair extensions,

Bluetooth watches play music, get texts and answer calls as well as telling the time. Genius! [ Shiny Shiny ] Bling yourself up green-style... what does that mean you ask? It means a whole gallery of eco-jewellery... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Zelda Kaplan, Balmain dress and Chloé

Click image to enlarge I have a new femicrush and her name is Zelda! [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Fab outfit pick, shame we can't own a Balmain dress but a girl can dream can't she? [ Knight Cat ] Emma Cook's black boots... Read more »

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Pick of the blogs: Miranda July, Michel Kors and lêche vitrine

Click image to enlarge Michel Kors wooden heels... Drool! [ Moderniteter ] It's not strictly fashion, but Miranda July is always welcome on Pick of the Blogs. [ Threadtrend ] Je fais du lêche vitrine , or Parisian... Read more »

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Pick of the blogs: A.P.C, collages and shopping

Click image to enlarge Time for an A.P.C fest? There's always time for an A.P.C fest, and apparently there's more to come next week! [ Shop at Maison Bertaux ] Shopping and mooning about in San Francisco sounds like a... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: kids on the catwalk, blogger envy and Anvers

Click image to enlarge Children on the catwalk, trust Rachael to find something as awesome as this. [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Pure fashion eye candy, check out what Michelle bought when she was in London for LFW [... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: LFW special!

Susie is going ga-ga over Charles Anastase , and rightly so. [ Susie Bubble ] London Fashion Week's front rowers are a stylish bunch, and while they lack US-style gloss they can definitely give the New Yorkers a run for... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: LFW, Hilary Banks and bows

DSG has been blogger-spotting at the Topshop Unique shows [ Disney Rollergirl ] Susie shares with us her 1st LFW outfit and all the controversy that goes with it, hold your head up high Susie! [ Style Bubble ] Kirsty is... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: dressing for autumn, LFW flusters and timeless chic

Glad to see we're not the only ones nervously anticipating London Fashion Week, it starts on Saturday! [ Disney Rollergirl ] Fashion is my job, but dressing for this mid-autumn weather is tough, Elin shares my pain. [... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: tattoos, perms and the Blogger Pose

Click image to enlarge Karla got a matching tattoo with her mum, she's also hinted at an exciting project in the pipeline. [ Karla's Closet ] Selina is revealing to N.E.E.T her charity shop secrets, I'm gonna have a... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: socks, rosettes and ruffles

Deep cobalt blues, burgundies and rich prints: it's no wonder Fashion Fillers is the thrift star of the day. [ Painfully Hip ] DRG will make a Sonia Rykiel sock convert of me yet [ Disney Rollergirl ] Thankfully the Large... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Anne Demeulemeester boots, LFW and au revoir Rosie Pop!

As the proud owner of about a dozen coats I wholeheartedly support DSG's 'cocktail coat' idea, why be fashion-hampered by your outer layer? [ Disney Rollergirl ] Nicking your mum's shoes is always going to be more fun when... Read more »

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Pick of the Shiny Blogs: Marcello Mastroianni, sausage dogs and your own personal sauna

It's all go in Hossegor at the Rip Curl Pro Mademoiselle . If you ask nicely I'll sing you my St Jean de Luz song...[ Nollie ] Over at Brandish we WANT these glasses, they're the height of retro Italian chic [ Brandish ]... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Fred Butler, Cécille Guyenne and the Jeano™

Eyecandy by Cécille Guyenne courtesy of Sabrina. [ Professionally Trendy ] The 400 Blows takes me back to end of term films at school, as usual Jeune Demoiselle has come up with a winning selection of film stills [ Jeune... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Mongrels in Common, lace-up shoes and holiday snaps

Click image to enlarge If you missed out on a summer holiday fear not, Alix's pretty Sicilian pictures will transport you better than any crummy Ryanair flight [ Cherry Blossom Girl ] Karla in wide leg trousers... I... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: scrapbooks, house moves and Pierrot hats

The Queens have been featured in Italian Glamour, but I think a few things got lost in translation. [ Kingdom of Style ] Treat yourself to Tavi's humorous tales of woe, hopefully the room swap will go better than the scarf... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Susie Bubble's fave chazzas, Miranda July and Hayao Miyazaki

I'm ready to down tools and go shopping as Susie Bubble has revealed her favourite charity shops including a Trinny Hop (my fave chazza "brand") [ Style Bubble ] Another of my favourite things, Miranda July. DSG has got the... Read more »