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ruff birthday dress.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: ruffs, birthday dresses and photo tips

Click image to enlarge Ruff! I'm going to piggyback on Michelle's ruff obsesssion, Vince Noir was right when he predicted the return of the Elizabethan neckwear [ Kingdom of Style ] The award for Services Rendered to... Read more »

christmas lace up shoes outfit.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Gucci, Christmas and Grey Gardens beach holidays

Click image to enlarge I could almost be persuaded to go out into the winter freeze if I had an outfit like this. Almost, but not quite [ The Snail and the Cyclops ] A winter beach holiday however sounds delightful,... Read more »

army green pvc legging taylor tomasi kate lanphear.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: editrix chix, crafty leggings and Twenty by Twelve

Click image to enlarge Michelle's fashioned some army green leggings from leftover Halloween fabric [ Kingdom of Style ] Looking into the reason behind the rise of the fashion editor as style icon. [ Jak et Jil ]... Read more »

pick of the blogs balenciaga finge boots topshop lacroix sale cocosa.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Lacroix, finged boots and New York

Click image to enlarge Rachael is loving Cocosa's designer sales [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] White Lightning's latest guilty pleasure is Chairlift, mm poppy goodness! [ White Lightning ] To paraphrase R Kelly, fringed... Read more »

haircut karlas closet biker jacket primark outfit pick of the blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Stevie J and Yoni P, biker chic and the end of extreme heels?

Click image to enlarge Michelle has lopped off the sleeves of biker jacket from Primark and it looks great [ Kingdom of Style ] DSR is right on the money wondering if extreme heels have had their day [ Disney... Read more »

blue coat vintage eastman photo stockholm.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Eastman vintage photos, Russian Vogue and Stockholm style

Click image to enlarge Kris has been busy! She's been assisting the styling in Russian Vogue, check out her shoot. [ Krisatomic ] What a beautiful blue coat the Glamourai is sporting, just goes to show a little... Read more »

tie dye navy skirt lace up shoes.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Big bows, tie dye DIY and drop crotch

Click images to enlarge Splashes, tie-dye and bleaching; who'd a thunk the t-shirts you made in Brownies would have been so on-trend? [ Grey ] Sabrina's wearing a belted white skirt, love it! [ Professionally Trendy... Read more »

vivienne westwood lace leggings cdg hm chloe stud boots givenchy.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: lace leggings, knitting and Jonathan Saunders for Target

Click image to enlarge La méchante has concocted a sweet little photoshoot at her Grandma's house, featuring a CDG for H&M shirt, swoon! [ Le Blog de la Méchante ] Leah's knitting exploits are unleashing a... Read more »

azzedine alaia dress council chic blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Radical Fashion, layering and Topshop

Click image to enlarge Tavi has composed a rap about CDG's H&M collaboration, where else can you hear someone sing the words: "Rei Kawakubo (Can I be your friend?) Rei Kawakubo (stalker fan letters I will send)"? [... Read more »


Found: Baby Karl Lagerfeld in lederhosen (for realsies!)

Would we lie to you, our dear readers? Okay perhaps don't answer that, but if you're like us then you'll be over-the-moon to know that a photo of Karl Lagerfeld as a young whipper snapper has surfaced on the 'net. Cathy... Read more »

sequins natalia vodianova garance dore.jpg

Pick of the Blogs goes sequin mad

Click image to enlarge I can't conceal my love for sequins any longer, the last few weeks have been spent in a haze of Etsy searches and fruitless shopping trips in search of the perfect sequins, here is a special... Read more »

manoush sartorialist coat anthropologie glamourai.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Animal belts, leggings and veterinary blankets

Click image to enlarge Veterinary blankets are bang on trend. [ Shop at Maison Bertaux ] Rachael has unearthed the Holy Grail of leggings, they should all look like this. [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] It's the coat! I've... Read more »

snow blog leather clothes.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: CDG for H&M, cage skirts and snow

Click image to enlarge Tavi has persuaded her mum and is sharpened her claws in preparation for an imminent visit to H&M... CDG here we come! [ Style Rookie ] Vasiliisa's printed shirt is reminding me to crack out... Read more »

bird headband denim jacket craft homemade jeans.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: How to get out of a style rut

Click image to enlarge Today's pick of the blogs is a special, thanks to our esteemed bloggers if you're finding the new season hard take a look through our links and hopefully your fashion mojo will be refreshed!... Read more »

image rosiepop.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: blogger style, bandage heels, and the return of Rosie?

Susie has raised a very interesting point about fashion blogging monoculture, read and comment! [ Style Bubble ] Concept heels with bandages, why not cut out the middle man? [ The Coveted ] I for one am quite enjoying... Read more »

halloween blog pop magazine leon matilda costume royal tenenbaums.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Halloween Special

Click image to enlarge This Halloween the bloggers made me proud and came in a whole assortment of cool costumes: Camille's choice of Matilda from the cult film Leon was inspired. Off the cuff ideas yield some of the... Read more »

vintage ebay thrift selina flying saucer owen niall loose women.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: eBay and thrift tips, goth dress dilemma and London glamour

Click image to enlarge Jane, and Judy (Jane's Mom) have kindly offered up their eBay shopping tips. [ Sea of Shoes ] More vintage tips, Beth is passing on her thrift store knowledge in a great video. [ The Vintage... Read more »

urban outfitters dole pick of the blogs divine brown.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Urban Outfitters, dole chic and Divine Brown

I spotted Susie Bubble's dress in Urban Outfitters, great minds think alike! Or fools seldom differ, I can never remember which. [ Style Bubble ] Divine is Glamourai's Halloween-spiration, which is an idea I might have... Read more »

david beckham pitti uomo milan kanye west ac football.jpg

Pick of the Shiny Blogs: Beckham at Pitti Uomo, Facebook and Boot Camp

Kelly aka the Bag Lady has kindly offered her services and is helping readers make their bags dreams come true. [ The Bag Lady ] What a cracking Ugly Shoe Amber has picked out for us... [ Shoewawa ] Imagining scenarios... Read more »

pick of the blogs polaroid poladroid sequin outfit wardrobe mix.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: RIP Amelia's, sequins and Polaroids

Click image to enlarge This outfit has me hankering after some sequins, I love the way the glasses pick up the colours in the t-shirt. [ Painfully Hip ] Mary has unearthed a fantastic way to save the Polaroid (with a... Read more »

tartan check outfit pick of the blogs pumpkin kiss chanel halloween.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Karl lagerfeld, fashion pumpkins and tartan

Click image to enlarge It's time to start getting ready for Hallowe'en, and I know you'll all be doing it in style so here's something to get you in the mood. [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] A great outfit, illustrations and... Read more »

blogs fashion celadon margot tenenbaum denim shorts fringe trousers.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Paninaro, Margot Tenenbaum and fringing

Click image to enlarge It's a deviation from Karla's usual outfits and will probably divide opinion but I love her fringed trousers. Kudos for leaving your comfort zone and looking good! [ Karla's Closet ] Sculptural,... Read more »

chanel jewellery brogues photo pick of the blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Chanel, Jovovich Hawk and homework

Click image to enlarge It's fake but real Chanel. Real pieces of Chanel made into fake but still real, capice? [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Some pleasing fashion odds and ends from Jane, including an incredible pair of... Read more »

rodarte shoes luella accessories balmain zara boots.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Rodarte, Luella and customised Zara

Click image to enlarge Rumi's customised Zara heels are impeccable, I wish my craft projects were this neat! [ Fashion Toast ] Jenny shows us you don't have to be a rock chick to wear a leather jacket. [ Wiksten Made... Read more »

purple leggings peau d ane film.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Advanced Style, KoS leggings and Peau d'Âne

Click image to enlarge My new favourite blog has snapped China Vogue's Anna Ziourova in Margiela ripped jeans. [ Jak & Jil ] The film of the French fairytale Peau d'Âne looks like perfect rainy Sunday bedtime... Read more »

headphone hair nagi noda.jpg

Pick of the Shiny Blogs: time lapse cat, hair headphones and lipstick

This week, Zara undertook the red lipstick challenge and like Homer Simpson says, with sexy results. [ Kiss and Makeup ] Kelly is right, Juicy Couture have done really well with this apple green handbag. [ The Bag Lady ]... Read more »

suburban queen paris fashion week emanuelle alt olivier zahm.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Paris Fashion Week, and welcome back bloggers!

Click image to enlarge I hadn't dared look at Suburban Queen's blog after she announced a hiatus but she's back! She's made one Finnophile very happy. [ Suburban Queen ] Jenny shows us how to get into the spirit of... Read more »

Fifty Years of Fashion From New Look to Now.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Emma Watson, Balmain on the cheap and Kenzo

Click image to enlarge Mmm, the Paris-based designers sure know how to do invites. [ Style Bubble ] Scholarly beginnings for MDM, the MA sounds enthralling! [ Make Do and Mend ] There are no words for this post... Just... Read more »

goth grunge trend pick of the blogs sequin leggings.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Paris rundown, proper goth and the kids are alright!

Click image to enlarge Camille gives us her pick of the Paris catwalks, I'm with you on Dries! [ Childhood Flames ] The Sunday Times might be outing young bloggers as uncool (yawn), but back on teh nets Tavi presents... Read more »