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bird hairband fabric mesh fringe pregnant chic.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Ugg fug, craft love and pregancy chic

Click image to enlarge Ugg boots, fug boots, I'm glad to see RosiePop is on the same page. [ RosiePop ] A sweet crafted present from one KoS queen to another, ahh warms the cockles of your heart doesn't it?! [... Read more »

tim walker elyse sewell baldovido baradi floral tights river island.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: America's Next Top Model contestant Elyse Sewell, Tim Walker and floral tights

Click image to enlarge Garance brings up the wonderful concept of abstract inspiration, I'm all for it. [ Garance Doré ] I am going to a River Island asap! Who can argue with floral tights on the cheap?! Give thanks... Read more »

bloggers party outfits new year eve nye.jpg

Pick of the Blogs special: bloggers NYE outfits

Click image to enlarge Now the dust (and snow!) has settled on the New Year we're in need of a little glitz and sparkle so what better excuse to have a nosy at what the bloggers wore on New Year's Eve? By the sounds... Read more »

bauke knottnerus benoit lissolin headpiece knit oversize pick of the blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Jade Goody, Benoit Missolin and Anthropologie come to the UK

Click image to enlarge Alongside capes, headpieces are one of my long-running fashion obsessions and this designer picked out by KoS' Maire is my new fave. [ Kingdom of Style ] I want to get into bed and go through... Read more »


Dolce & Gabbana spread a little Christmas cheer via their online mag Swide.com

Dolce & Gabbana's online magazine, Swide.com , officially went live last week although apparently it has been lurking around since September. It's a mish-mash of articles, blogs, and features a blend of... Read more »

lanvin christmas windows mommy dearest fringe skirt leather.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Lanvin's Christmas windows, creepy chic and fringed leather

Click image to enlarge Susie's mates snapped some Lanvin window pictures for her. Good friends! [ Style Bubble ] Mmm, creepy chic. Looks like Mommy Dearest is onto something with their latest ad campaign [ Painfully... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Hannah Marshall, Nancy Wu, and sample sales

Click image to enlarge LA Aristocracy + quirkily beautiful face + original dress sense = new muse. Liz Goldwyn is one to watch [ July Stars ] Nancy Wu doesn't only do shoes, she also does bags. And how [ Fur Coat,... Read more »

nike sandals deconstructed cutomised skirt flannel.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: menswear for women, Q&As and customised Nikes

Click image to enlarge Gorgeous new items in the Ramona West shop [ Ramona West ] Menswear for women: while I may not be afford to afford YSL I wholeheartedly agree with DSR. Bring on a Topman/Topshop collab please!... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs Gallic special

Click image to enlarge I'm not too bothered by recent anti-French comment (boohoo!) but what better reason to put up a special French edition of Pick of the Blogs? So get your babel or google translator out or just... Read more »

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Shiny Blogs: Hello Kitty Mac makeup, gifts for guys and Cassete Playa does Nike

Click image to enlarge Powering your ipod with an onion? I'm game! [ Hippyshopper ] We want to know if you tried Google Chrome, but frankly, I'm disgusted people are still using Internet Explorer the philistines [... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: sewing patterns made simple, parties and Piksi

Click image to enlarge Glamcanyon has been going out, having fun and taking pictures of said fun so we can all stay at home in our slippers. Brilliant! [ Glamcanyon ] Leah invites us to get a cup of tea and a biscuit... Read more »

wiksten made headband vintage revlon make up cosmetic.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: scarves, heandbands and a vintage wonderland

Click image to enlarge Garance cracks me up AND has the best sense of style [ Garance Doré ] Good God! I wish my grandma's house was this beautiful, it's like a vintage palace [ The Snail and the Cyclops ] I love... Read more »

mixko pick of the blogs cdg hm bulgari.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Mixko rings, CDG Christmas and Mad Men fancy dress

Click image to enlarge How I love your babyface! Rachael digs out yet another fantastic find [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] The Glamourai is my kind of fancy dresser, love the attention to detail [ The Glamourai ] The... Read more »

pick of the blogs angels sale vintage bbc costume.jpg

Pick of the Blogs Angel's Sale Special

Click image to enlarge Here's my account of Saturday's Angel's Sale, read on to see what the bloggers thought: I was up at eight, there by half past (thanks dad!) queueing up with a gang of friends huddled together... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: Little Shilpa, blogger Q&As and dream décors

Click image to enlarge More blogger Q&A, this time from Camille [ Childhood Flames ] I know exactly what I want my Christmas Party décor to look like, better start stockpiling the lametta and leopardskin [ Fur Coat,... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs: gloves, headbands and crochet a fake designer handbag

Click image to enlarge There's nothing I love more than a good sale, and Susie's found a corker of a sale on Gloved Up's eBay store. Make haste! [ Style Bubble ] Karla answers your questions, pt1. Everything from her... Read more »

room sewing machine h&m coat dress handmade.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: H&M coat, Austin City Wide garage sales and latina chic

Click image to enlarge This is a slightly old post, but have you ever seen a room as minimal or tidy as Camille's? [ Childhood Flames ] Coats are like buses, just when you thought you'd got the one you want a better... Read more »

winter wonderland tie tops pick of the blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Lucky Vintage packs, Garance Doré now in English and tops made from ties

Click image to enlarge Good news for you all, my favourite French blog is now available in English. Bad news for me, where else can I read funny, snappy Gallic prose without the temptation to revert to the Queen's?... Read more »

cage corset victoria beckham denim leggings photoshop.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Victoria Beckham photoshopped, cage corsets and denim leggings

Click image to enlarge DSR has catalogued the collection of denim leggings at the recent Urban Outfitters press day [ Disney Rollergirl ] French, cute and stylish. Some kids have all the luck [ Jak et Jil ] Puff... Read more »

acne lanvin floral doc martens cobalt outfit pick of the blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Acne x Lanvin, Floral docs and casual elegance

Click image to enlarge A marvellous quintet of outfits, I'm particularly in love with the blue cardie and tan belt combo [ Fruchtswerg's Island ] Tavi is all about the floral Doc Martens [ Style Rookie ] Susie's so... Read more »

ruff birthday dress.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: ruffs, birthday dresses and photo tips

Click image to enlarge Ruff! I'm going to piggyback on Michelle's ruff obsesssion, Vince Noir was right when he predicted the return of the Elizabethan neckwear [ Kingdom of Style ] The award for Services Rendered to... Read more »

christmas lace up shoes outfit.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Gucci, Christmas and Grey Gardens beach holidays

Click image to enlarge I could almost be persuaded to go out into the winter freeze if I had an outfit like this. Almost, but not quite [ The Snail and the Cyclops ] A winter beach holiday however sounds delightful,... Read more »

army green pvc legging taylor tomasi kate lanphear.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: editrix chix, crafty leggings and Twenty by Twelve

Click image to enlarge Michelle's fashioned some army green leggings from leftover Halloween fabric [ Kingdom of Style ] Looking into the reason behind the rise of the fashion editor as style icon. [ Jak et Jil ]... Read more »

pick of the blogs balenciaga finge boots topshop lacroix sale cocosa.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Lacroix, finged boots and New York

Click image to enlarge Rachael is loving Cocosa's designer sales [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] White Lightning's latest guilty pleasure is Chairlift, mm poppy goodness! [ White Lightning ] To paraphrase R Kelly, fringed... Read more »

haircut karlas closet biker jacket primark outfit pick of the blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Stevie J and Yoni P, biker chic and the end of extreme heels?

Click image to enlarge Michelle has lopped off the sleeves of biker jacket from Primark and it looks great [ Kingdom of Style ] DSR is right on the money wondering if extreme heels have had their day [ Disney... Read more »

blue coat vintage eastman photo stockholm.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Eastman vintage photos, Russian Vogue and Stockholm style

Click image to enlarge Kris has been busy! She's been assisting the styling in Russian Vogue, check out her shoot. [ Krisatomic ] What a beautiful blue coat the Glamourai is sporting, just goes to show a little... Read more »

tie dye navy skirt lace up shoes.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Big bows, tie dye DIY and drop crotch

Click images to enlarge Splashes, tie-dye and bleaching; who'd a thunk the t-shirts you made in Brownies would have been so on-trend? [ Grey ] Sabrina's wearing a belted white skirt, love it! [ Professionally Trendy... Read more »

vivienne westwood lace leggings cdg hm chloe stud boots givenchy.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: lace leggings, knitting and Jonathan Saunders for Target

Click image to enlarge La méchante has concocted a sweet little photoshoot at her Grandma's house, featuring a CDG for H&M shirt, swoon! [ Le Blog de la Méchante ] Leah's knitting exploits are unleashing a... Read more »

azzedine alaia dress council chic blogs.jpg

Pick of the Blogs: Radical Fashion, layering and Topshop

Click image to enlarge Tavi has composed a rap about CDG's H&M collaboration, where else can you hear someone sing the words: "Rei Kawakubo (Can I be your friend?) Rei Kawakubo (stalker fan letters I will send)"? [... Read more »