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Giles Gold delivers...in silver

The Giles Gold collection by Giles Deacon for New Look has been very hit and miss over the seasons, as we've discussed many times before. However, each new collection does bring us the odd little gem, and this time around... Read more »

cape pick dorothy perkins deploy new look.jpg

Keep up with our cape selection

Click image to enlarge, full product details after the jump Capes were big news a couple of years ago but I can't seem to get them out of my head at the moment. They're great if you wear lots of layered clothing,... Read more »


Dorothy Perkins are spot-on 70s retro with their faux fur coat

My inner hippy is calling to me. Ever since I saw pictures of my mother in the 70s wearing her fun fur coat with her pageboy haircut, I've wanted one of my own. Mom's was cream, bracelet-sleeved and fastened with one hook at... Read more »

peter jensen mac toshop rowntree fruit pastille lolly colourful.jpg

Peter Jensen colourful mac for Topshop

There are a few additions to Peter Jensen's latest range for Topshop , including a polar bear sweatshirt and this colourful mac. It reminds me of a Rowntree Fruit Pastille Lolly , so much so that I want to start eating... Read more »


Bargain Pick Of The Week: George at Asda's £15 little black coat

When talking in detail last week about shopping for the perfect coat , I emphasised the idea that it's worth splashing out on something beautiful if you can. In Winter you'll get more wear out of a good coat than any other... Read more »


Seeing double: is this the exact same coat with a £45 price difference?

Is it me, or do these coats look identical? When I spotted ASOS.com were flogging a pretty, frill-fronted teal green coat with a tie at the neck, I felt like I was suffering from deja vu. A few weeks before, I'd tried on a... Read more »


How to choose the perfect winter coat

[l-r coats from Wallis (£65), Topshop (£95) and Miss Selfridge (£75)] If there's one thing worth shopping around for, it's you winter coat. With weather like we get in the UK, you'll be getting a lot of wear out of it, so... Read more »


Autumn / Winter preview: French Connection bomber jacket

If there's one thing I will be buying this autumn (which I can hardly believe I don't already own), it will be a black leather biker or bomber jacket like this one from French Connection . At first glance, the... Read more »


Warehouse bring us gothic romance with their smocked Victoriana leather jacket

I'm forever going on about 'toughening up' outfits with a good leather jacket. I'm not usually a fan of 'mixing genres' (kudos if you can name that quote!) but I think this is a look that really works, especially considering... Read more »


Jovonna's 'Gemma' fishtail trench. A namesake that's won me over!

It's not often you stumble across an item of clothing with the same name as you. It's even less often that you'll stumble across something with the same name as you that you actually like . But that happened today, when I... Read more »


Topshop are dotty about the boyfriend blazer

Their first boyfriend blazer sold out faster than you could say 'if Daisy has it, I want it too'. So now Topshop have upped the ante by bringing us a second version of the new season classic, a polka dot oversize jacket... Read more »


Miss Selfridge are in the pink with a very red mac

I have a story involving a red mac. A colleague came into work wearing one once, promptly saw my teal green one and insisted we do a swap at lunchtime. When we left the office, she explained this was because she thought the... Read more »


All Saints go manly with their quirky tailored tailcoat

I'm first to admit I'm girly, and the outfits and items I choose for the site tend to veer towards the cutesy. Not so with this jacket from All Saints, which despite being the antithesis of what I usually go for, really... Read more »

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Summer rainmac pick: French Connection, Lulu & Red and Louise Amstrup

Summer rain isn't the same as winter rain, the fat heavy drops and stiff breezes can catch you unawares and before you know it your look is more drowned rat than summer hottie. I've picked three different lightweight macs... Read more »


Everyone's talking about... Topshop's Balenciaga-style floral ensembles

Image: Catwalking.com It was bound to happen sooner or later, and if you have been reading your favourite fashion blogs lately then you'll know that Topshop has jumped on board the Balenciaga bandwagon. The... Read more »


Turn your jacket into a dress in seconds: ASOS's convertible mac

With the current weather so changeable, I'm sorely tempted to invest in ASOS.com's two-in-one Mac (£60) . The sleeves are actually part of a button-on bolero jacket that fastens on to the sleeveless creation to turn it... Read more »


Agyness Deyn unleashes the denim jacket debate: Would you or wouldn't you?

After her appearance at the i-D party last night, Agyness Deyn has got us divided over whether the trusty denim jacket is still in vogue. She fronted up to Bistrotheque in east London in a cropped denim jacket,... Read more »

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Boden two-tone spring coat

Apparently it's going to snow this weekend...whaa-at? I thought it was spring already. Times like these you need a spring coat, which conveys the lightness and airyness of the season but keeps the ruddy cold out at the same... Read more »

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Lulu & Red Bryony coat

Wearing a coat needn't mean sacrificing your kooky sense of style, I hate boring coats which probably explains why I have a bulging cupboard filled with about twenty jackets, parkas and coats to cover every possible... Read more »


Primark's Red and Blue Striped Blazer

Blazers are still the ultimate way to really jazz up an outfit. It's definitely time to chuck the slouchy tracksuits (and Uggs!) and embrace the time of the fop. Dandyism rules! For those who can't afford the ever-desirable... Read more »

Black_Pussy_Bow_Waist EVANS.jpg

Evans' Black Pussybow Waistcoat

For a truly multitasking item, look no further than Evans' pussybow waistcoat. It's simultaneously cute and formal, yet can edge up those trendy frothy floral tea dresses. The pussy bow gives a unique twist on a well-worn... Read more »