Guess Where This Is From?


Guess where this is from...? The green silk dress

I remember seeing this dress at a press day and loving it. Looking at the photo now it's gone on sale, I can't help but wonder 'what were you thinking?'. Maybe it looks better in person (I seem to remember the skirt being... Read more »


Guess where this is from...?

You're all far too good at our Friday guessing game, having easily identified the last few outfits. So this week I've made it a bit harder with a slightly more unknown brand. Where do you reckon this ensemble's from? Read more »


Guess Where This is From?

Go on, guess...! Read more »


Guess Where This is From? Purple Sequin Frock

It's time for the return of yet another CQ regular of yore, and again this one will only work with your input. 'Guess Where This is From' does what it says on the tin. We post an item we've found on our travels across the... Read more »