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Frock Horror: Scary prom dress edition

According to the blurb, "This stunning prom dress really redefines glamour." Something tells me it would be miles better if it actually fitted , though. And if they employed some kind of hair and makeup team, or at least... Read more »


Frock Horror: The Saturdays

If you've taken a look at our High School Musical 3 premiere gallery , you might have seen this picture before. In which case I apologise for doing this to you twice in one day. The thing is, this week there's been no bigger... Read more »


Frock Horror: On the catwalk at Sonia Rykiel, Paris Fashion Week

[...insert requisite hirsute / hair suit joke here...] Read more »


Frock Horror: Emma Noble

I'm sure when I was about seven years old, I would have loved this dress. It's shiny, it's lavender coloured, it has bows on it, it's all voluminous and puffy. But there's one problem. I'm not seven any more, and neither is... Read more »


Frock Horror: Katie Price makes it really, really easy for us (again) launching her new equestrian fashion line

I know when I ride horses I like to do it wearing bright pink velour, don't you? Here Katie 'Jordan' Price is promoting her latest business venture, KP Equestrian, a line of horse-riding gear in, you guessed it, pink .... Read more »


Frock Horror: Jodie Marsh

Jodie, stop making it so easy for us. [photo: David Fisher/Rex Features] Read more »


Frock Horror: The Cheetah Girls

About six years ago I bought a sequin butterfly poncho thing. I never wore it. It was a mistake. It's even more of a mistake teamed with skintight leggings. Hello, camel toe. Also, what's going on with the one on the... Read more »


Frock Horror: Cindy Margolis

It's a recipe for disaster, isn't it? The former 'Queen of the Internet' (the most-downloaded person of 1999) rocking up to a Playboy party on the arm of a man who'd won a date with her in a competition. If Cindy Margolis... Read more »


Frock Horror: Eva Green does Morticia (again)

Eva Green is gorgeous. In fact, she's more than gorgeous. She's 'there is no point my ever leaving the house if this is what I have to compete with' gorgeous. Luckily for us, most of the time she seems to be intent on... Read more »


Frock Horror: Tina Hobley's skimpy number at Cartier Polo

Tina Hobley gave birth to a daughter in mid-April, so she's looking pretty damn good for a new mum. That said, I can't understand why she'd want to wear something so skimpy to the the Cartier Polo . I know it was a hot... Read more »


Outfit Horror of the Week: Jordan's (a.k.a. Katie Price) Cirque Du Soleil ensemble @ book launch, London

Click image to enlarge. [Photo: Rex Features] My eyes... my eyes! It is has been a while since we featured our favourite Frock/Outfit Horror of the Week regular, Jordan , or is it Katie Price these days?... Read more »


Frock Horror of the Week: Janet Jackson's kimono catastrophe at Alexander McQueen store launch

Image: Getty What is with all the kimonos lately? Is there some secret celebrity geisha girl conference going on that I don't know about? Because I really don't understand what would tempt Janet Jackson to try... Read more »


Frock Horror of the Week: Jodie Marsh lets it all hang out at 'Three and Out' premiere, London

We haven't featured 'glamour model' Jodie Marsh (the confused lass who thinks studded belts are actually skirts) in quite a while, so I thought it was about darn time. Known for her ample bosom, and for marrying a... Read more »


Frock Horror of the Week: Princess Caroline of Hanover in Chanel

Lordy, lordy! It was a glitzy affair indeed in Monte Carlo this weekend with the Monaco royal family getting together for its famous Rose Ball. However, it seems that one royal took this year's theme, La Movida... Read more »


Suit Horror of the Week: Heather Mills's divorce day fashion disaster

Heather Mills ... you have some 'splaining to do... And I'm not just talking about that whole throwing-water-over-your-ex's-lawyer incident either. On perhaps the most important day of her life, the former wife of Sir... Read more »


All right stop, Ice is back... on a mini dress

It's probably safe to say that at some point or another, you've found yourself at a club bopping along to - or doing your best to resist - that catchy tune Ice Ice Baby . (Or if you were *ahem* lucky to have been old... Read more »