Frock Horrors

We love a fabulous fashion look or a red carpet oment, but sometimes it’s comforting to know that even stylists and celebs get it wrong. For the biggest fashion mistakes, you need our Frock Horrors, featuring the biggest red carpet disasters, wardrobe malfunctions, plus a few ill-advised shopping suggestions…it’s amazing what some shops try to sell to unsuspecting shoppers!

Frock Horror: Miriam Diaz Aroca at the Puss in Boots premiere

Did you ever wonder what happened to all Mayim Bialik's hats when Blossom went off the air? Well, now you know. From what we can gather from a hastily translated Wikipedia page, Miriam Diaz Aroca is actually a... Read more »


Frock Horror: TOWIE's Lauren Pope

Isn't it annoying when you go out wearing only half your dress? Still, the makers of tit tape must be making a fortune off TOWIE's Lauren Pope in this number. Risky doesn't even begin to cover it... Read more »


Frock Horror: Stacy Francis from X Factor US

And we thought the contestants on UK X Factor had it bad when it came to 'experimental' styling... This isn't even the worst one, either. When was red shiny plastic ever a good idea? Even Britney Spears couldn't make it... Read more »


Frock Horror: Noha Raafat's got her eye on you

Today we learned two things about Noha Raafat . The first is that she's an Emirati actress (pictured here at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival). The second is that she's clearly bonkers . Read more »


Frock Horror: X Factor's Johnny Robinson

If his X Factor dreams don't come true, there's a big career as a kids TV presenter just waiting for Johnny Robinson... Seriously, Johnny, you're better than this. Read more »

katie price ibiza gold swimsuit.jpg

Frock Horror: Katie Price's gold clubbing outfit in Ibiza

Katie Price is obviously not crying into her pillow over Peter Andre . Nothing says 'I'm over my ex' like going out on the town in a skimpy outfit, and if you're the ex-Jordan it simply has to be a skimpy gold... Read more »


What do you think of Claire Merry's 'Star Trek' Pam Hogg catsuit?

Boldly going where no ex-WAG (or anyone else) has gone before was Claire Merry overnight. The former wife of Barcelona footballer, Thierry Henry, fronted up to the London premiere of Star Trek , looking like one of... Read more »


. Frock Horror: Katie 'Jordan' Price launches something. Again.

Another day, another ridiculous publicity stunt for Katie Price. Savvy businesswoman, yes.. [image: Daniel Deme / WENN.com] ...style icon? Um, no. I don't even care what she's promoting here. I think it's a range of... Read more »


Frock Horror: Topshop's floral cycling shorts

Oh dear Lord, someone make it stop. Topshop have decided that floral cycling shorts are a good idea. And thus, for £38, these can be yours . And while I'm sure there are two or three incredibly slim women in the world who... Read more »


Frock Horror: Tilda Swinton at the 34th Cesar Film Awards 2009

Ok, I'm done being all fashiony and pretentious and talking about how directional and fabulous Tilda Swinton is because she has the guts to try the craziest creations from the couture shows. To me, she's gone a step too far in... Read more »


Frock Horror: Tila Tequila

Ok, I'm fine with the whole 'show a bit of bra' thing. It's not my bag, but I understand that visible bra straps aren't the massive fashion faux-pas they used to be. However , last time I checked we hadn't yet reached the... Read more »


Frock Horror: Harem Jumpsuits. Really.

What are these? What are these?! They're Harem Jumpsuits, that's what. For £79 (for the print) or £59 (for the plain) you too can enjoy watching the look on people's faces as they try to work out whether you're... Read more »


Frock Horror: Paris Hilton at the Sundance Film Festival

Paris, this whole fuffy, five-year-old, bubblegum pink 'I'm so cute' thing...? ...it would have worked better if you hadn't also done a sex tape. Just sayin'. Read more »


Frock Horror: Liz McClarnon at the 7 Pounds Premiere

Rumour has it Atomic Kitten are reforming . Hopefully if they do they'll have a decent stylist. Otherwise, this might happen again... I'm sure there a killer figure under there somewhere, but right now it's hidden by a... Read more »


Frock Horror: Yeniffer Behrens

I don't know who Yennifer Behrens is. I don't want to give her the satisfaction of googling to find out. However, I am going to make you all look at this photo, because I had to... Yenni (can I call you Yenni?). Next... Read more »


Frock Horror: Khloe Kardashian falls victim to the flashbulb

Khloe, we need to talk . I think it's time I introduced you to two vital items of clothing. The first is a black bra. The second are called 'trousers'. You might call them 'pants'. Either way, they go on your legs where you've... Read more »


Lily Allen in Sonia Rykiel: When wearing a dress just because it's designer isn't a good enough excuse...

[ Source ] Reminiscent of that time when Victoria Beckham thought it was acceptable to wear a belted sheet simply because it was by Marc Jacobs , so has Lily Allen displayed the same error in judgement, only... Read more »


Frock Horror: Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth

As the cool kids say, "Oh, Lo!" Where to begin? This outfit makes me think of Kim's amazing blog ' What Claudia Wore ', because it's so awfully 90s that it looks like it may well have fallen out of the closet of one of... Read more »


Frock Horror: Rachel Roy at the MoMA Film Benefit Honouring Baz Luhrmann

Rachel Roy, I would not be smiling like that if I'd turned up to the same event at Anna Wintour wearing my PJs. For the record, if you ever needed proof that jumpsuits aren't for everyone, here it is. Read more »


Frock Horror: Juicy 'Couture'

Question: do you really want to buy clothes created by people who go out in public dressed like this? [image: Amanda Schwab/Rex Features] Juicy Couture founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor at the... Read more »


Frock Horror: Scary prom dress edition

According to the blurb, "This stunning prom dress really redefines glamour." Something tells me it would be miles better if it actually fitted , though. And if they employed some kind of hair and makeup team, or at least... Read more »


Frock Horror: The Saturdays

If you've taken a look at our High School Musical 3 premiere gallery , you might have seen this picture before. In which case I apologise for doing this to you twice in one day. The thing is, this week there's been no bigger... Read more »


Frock Horror: On the catwalk at Sonia Rykiel, Paris Fashion Week

[...insert requisite hirsute / hair suit joke here...] Read more »


Frock Horror: Emma Noble

I'm sure when I was about seven years old, I would have loved this dress. It's shiny, it's lavender coloured, it has bows on it, it's all voluminous and puffy. But there's one problem. I'm not seven any more, and neither is... Read more »


Frock Horror: Katie Price makes it really, really easy for us (again) launching her new equestrian fashion line

I know when I ride horses I like to do it wearing bright pink velour, don't you? Here Katie 'Jordan' Price is promoting her latest business venture, KP Equestrian, a line of horse-riding gear in, you guessed it, pink .... Read more »


Frock Horror: Jodie Marsh

Jodie, stop making it so easy for us. [photo: David Fisher/Rex Features] Read more »


Frock Horror: The Cheetah Girls

About six years ago I bought a sequin butterfly poncho thing. I never wore it. It was a mistake. It's even more of a mistake teamed with skintight leggings. Hello, camel toe. Also, what's going on with the one on the... Read more »


Frock Horror: Cindy Margolis

It's a recipe for disaster, isn't it? The former 'Queen of the Internet' (the most-downloaded person of 1999) rocking up to a Playboy party on the arm of a man who'd won a date with her in a competition. If Cindy Margolis... Read more »


Frock Horror: Eva Green does Morticia (again)

Eva Green is gorgeous. In fact, she's more than gorgeous. She's 'there is no point my ever leaving the house if this is what I have to compete with' gorgeous. Luckily for us, most of the time she seems to be intent on... Read more »