Etsy, eBay & Indie picks


Fur Coat's Adventures In Wonderland

I've never really been one for Alice In Wonderland . Lewis Carroll didn't sell it to me, and Disney certainly didn't. I've always been more of a Grimm's fairytales gal, but even I have to admit that when it comes to... Read more »


Etsy Pick: Makool Loves You, you'll love Makool

Today's indie pick is a bit of an indulgent one. It's the Etsy store from the handmade brand Makool Loves You , which sells mainly seconds and samples from their range. It's indulgent because the three items I've picked... Read more »


eBay Picks: Vintage velvet, Mary Quant and Betsey Johnson doing shabby chic

In a recession, you have to look to new places to stretch your pound that bit further. While the exchange rate's not exactly brilliant at the moment, the USA is definitely the place to look for vintage (especially if... Read more »


Etsy Pick: Whimsical cute from LoveToLoveYou

I'm really enjoying having an actual reason to raid Etsy on a frequent basis for gorgeous handmade and reconstructed items. Today's pick is LoveToLoveYou, aka Loni Gaghan, an Oregon-based designer with an obvious love of... Read more »


Etsy Pick: Kitschy fun from I'm Your Present

To be honest, I don't really think the Etsy shop 'I'm Your Present' needs much introduction. It's girly, kitschy fun with plenty of pink, lace, puppies, kittens and pearls to satisfy your inner Barbie doll. Though there... Read more »


Etsy Pick: Lirola's self-confessed 'casual chic' jersey pieces

I love the laid-back cool of Israel-based Lirola's creations on Etsy . Using jersey and sweatshirt fabric she creates casual dresses, wrap tops and cardigans with pleats and simple embellishments. If you're usually quite... Read more »


Etsy Pick: Amanda Archer's 'French Cloque Dress'

"Think 'Mad Men'" reads the blurb for this little number, a custom creation from Etsy seller Amanda Archer, and I think that's the perfect description of the retro secretary dress, which looks exactly like something Joan... Read more »


Etsy pick: Malphi (country style dresses, aprons & bloomers)

You've been loving our handmade and vintage Etsy picks, so we'll try and find loads more in 2009. Today I discovered the UK-based brand Malphi, which specialises in whimsical, country-style aprons, bloomers and dresses.... Read more »