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Peaches Geldof writes for 'Nylon' - and creates a stinking fuss

Kelly McAuliffe writes... Am I the only one who doesn't get what all the fuss is about regarding one Peaches Geldof and a certain debut column for Nylon magazine? I know people have strong feelings towards the girl... Read more »


Gemma's adventures in shopping: Westfield vs the West End. Where will we all shop after Thursday?

Gemma Cartwright writes... As I write this column, it's less than 2 days until the grand opening of Westfield London , the huge new shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush. The massive mall is being touted as the new, more... Read more »

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Halloween is approaching, what are you dressing up as?

Halloween is only a few days away and if you haven't started thinking about costumes you'd better get your skates on! Fancy dressers fall into one of two camps, there are the girly dressers who opt for costumes like a... Read more »


Is it the end of the road for the WAGs?

So the WAGs are responsible for dashing the hopes and dreams of England by losing us the World Cup. I know, erm... huh? I am not about to sit here and discuss Rio Ferdinand's latest excuse (a) because this isn't a... Read more »

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How much is too much?

Isabelle O'Carroll writes... The clocks may not have gone back yet but last weekend I sorted through my wardrobe putting away all the summer dresses, patterned skirts and vest tops and taking down my winter coats. I soon... Read more »


The Sunday Times take a cheap shot at young fashion bloggers. Are they jealous, scared or just mean?

Gemma Cartwright writes... Reading The Sunday Times Style this weekend, I was excited to see one of Catwalk Queen's favourite fashion bloggers, Style Rookie , mentioned. That was until I noticed where Tavi's great blog... Read more »

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Have you got a clothes boyfriend?

My boyfriend isn't very talkative. He doesn't pay any rent and he doesn't have a job. He lies in bed all day, talking up three quarters of the bed and stealing the covers. Even though I'm a tough cookie I don't see myself... Read more »


Gemma's Adventures in Fashion: I literally have no clothes to wear.

Gemma Cartwright writes... All my clothes have gone. Ok, they haven't gone , exactly. But I can't get at them. They're currently all crammed into suitcases and bags. At last count there were three large cases, two... Read more »

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Do you Style Stalk?

Isabelle writes... Does your pace quicken when you spot a handbag you like on someone's arm? Do you crane your neck to try and catch a glimpse of someone's necklace? Welcome to the world of Style Stalking ... I've spent... Read more »

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Wardrobe Swap: Isabelle and Zara day three

Click to enlarge Last day of the Wardrobe Swap and Zara and I couldn't wait to get back into our own clothes. Check out day one and day two if you missed out! Day Three: Today's outfit was my favourite, a pussy... Read more »

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Wardrobe Swap: Isabelle and Zara day two

Zara and Isabelle, the reality and the dream After a pretty good start , it's day two and things are going pretty badly for the Wardrobe Swap team. I have to say, despite Zara's reservations I think she looks... Read more »

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Zara and Isabelle's wardrobe swap: day one

Isabelle with Sinha Stanic in Zara's clothes. Look, no cheating! I've been fearing the Wardrobe Swap for weeks now, but actually putting on Zara's outfit wasn't so bad. In a weird case of synchronicity we both chose... Read more »

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Wardrobe Swap: Isabelle and Zara

Unless I actually swapped with My Chemical Toilet's Stuart Waterman you couldn't pick a more different pair of wardrobes than mine and Kiss and Make Up's Zara Rabinowicz . Zara is a girly, glam blonde confection of a... Read more »


London Fashion Week: Betty Jackson S/S 09

Zara Kenyon (intern extraordinaire) attends her first LFW show... My head is spinning at the moment. 24 hours ago I was in Greece, at 1:30 this morning I was just getting home and then, arriving at Shiny Towers at 10am I... Read more »


Gemma's Adventures in Fashion: Is this goodbye to London Fashion Week as we know it?

Gemma Cartwright writes... John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Luella Bartley, Alice Temperley, Zandra Rhodes, Antonio Berardi, Vivienne Westwood, Julien MacDonald. That is but a... Read more »


Gemma's adventures in fashion - 'wardrobe glue' and the unexpected style hits

Gemma Cartwright writes... A black, long sleeved v-neck tee bought after the airline lost my luggage on a trip to the USA. A short indigo denim skirt with black ribbon stripes down the sides picked up in the Gap sale... Read more »


Fashion plummets to an all-time low with tasteless Vogue India photo-shoot

Kimberley Foster writes... As you can probably imagine, after reading on Monday about Vogue India's senseless decision to recruit a group of impoverished people, including children, and dress them in Hermès and... Read more »


Gemma's adventures in fashion - Fashion Week predictions

Gemma Cartwright writes... It seems like only yesterday that I was jumping on a plane to Australia to escape looking forward to February's Fashion Weeks. Now here we are, another season on, waiting impatiently for the... Read more »

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Could you go through a Wardrobe Detox?

Isabelle writes... The Telegraph ran a story this weekend about women on a fashion detox; the women ranged from Fashion lecturer to PR director but they were all concerned about one thing, their fashion intake. From... Read more »


Help: I'm stuck in a style rut and I can't get out!

Kelly McAuliffe writes... After basically bagging on Katie Holmes the other day for wearing her peg-leg jeans day in and day out, I had one of those lightbulb moments later on in the evening that she's actually not... Read more »


Gemma's adventures in fashion - my day in Uggs

Gemma Cartwright writes... In a previous life, I edited Shoewawa . During that time, I spoke freely about how much I loathe Ugg boots. I understand that they're comfy, I get that they're practical, I know not everyone is... Read more »