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Flying Saucer thinks the Saturdays can save your weekend

Just in time for the weekend Flying Saucer brings you her dispatches from the high street: Across the UK there's a trend brewing in night clubs: girls in identcal LBDs, each with brightly coloured tights... Read more »

evolution of style mademoiselle robot.jpg

Evolution of Style, Mademoiselle Robot write your guide to letting your style grow with you

Fashion blogger Mademoiselle Robot writes... The other day, I was browsing through old photos and realized that my style remained the same for the past ten years but it aged with me. It just adapted to my life... I... Read more »

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Disney Rollergirl writes: Will WAGs save the economy?

Last week I took my mum to Westfield . It was my third time and I didn't think I was the shopping centre type, yet somehow it's growing on me. While mum stocked up on cushions at Next, I browsed The Village, the 'posh... Read more »

Giant Vintage Sunglasses Grey Clubmaster

Rachael from Fur Coat No Knickers wants to know what sunnies you'll be sporting this summer

All my style crushes for the year so far have had one thing in common: epic sunglasses. Lady Gaga , obv, Amber Rose , Arlo Weiner ... none of these faces would like quite so marvellous without their specs. I've... Read more »


The Week That Was: Kiefer's arrest, Geldof sisters' anger and Alaïa's last laugh - Read all about it here!

What a week in fashion news it has been! My nickname around Catwalk Queen might be "news octopus" but even yours truly could barely keep up with everything that went down. TGI Friday is all I can say! Because we... Read more »

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How to be a Charity Shopping Queen and snap yourself up a bargain!

There is something very satisfying about finding a diamond in a pile of rubbish. Finding a beautiful vintage dress sandwiched between some old chinos and a matted faux fur coat has the same appeal to me. Some people go... Read more »

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Disney Rollergirl writes: Go forth and swap!

They say that recessions stimulate creativity and judging by all the innovative ways of acquiring new stuff without actually spending that's been going on, I'd say that's a fair analysis. Thanks to Freecycle.com , I now... Read more »


Gemma says goodbye, but Catwalk Queen lives on!

In 2001 I bought a domain for my personal blog. I chose the name Catwalk Queen, because I loved fashion and was planning to study it further after I left school. If you'd have told me back then that eight years later my site... Read more »


Win a Gucci bag worth over £300 thanks to Confessions Of A Shopaholic!

If you thought our last Confessions Of A Shopaholic competition was good, you ain't seen nothin' yet! If you weren't lucky enough to win premiere tickets, here's something even more amazing. Touchstone Pictures have once... Read more »


Gemma's adventures in Fashion: can I actually remember how to sew?

Gemma Cartwright writes... There was a time when I could wield a sewing machine with the best of them. I put fifteen plastic bones into the corseted top of my leaver's meal outfit. But that was years ago, and since then... Read more »


Holly Willoughby's 'Dancing on Ice' cleavage. Grabbing headlines for no apparent reason

Gemma Cartwright writes... Is everyone ready to bang their head against a brick wall again? With the new series of ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' in full swing, certain publications have taken to flogging a dead horse by pointing... Read more »


Fat chance I'm buying it: The media takes aim at Gemma Ward's weight

Kimberley Foster writes... Say it with me now: "Here we go again..." I am having sudden flashbacks to the fat taunts Karolina Kurkova was subjected to following her catwalk appearance at at Sao Paulo Fashion Week... Read more »


Gemma's Adventures in Fashion: New Year, New You?!

Gemma Cartwright writes... It must be January. All the exercise DVDs have all gone back up to full price on Amazon, Holland & Barrett are shifting more herbal supplements than ever, gyms across the land are tempting us... Read more »


How to get the most out of the January Sales - what to buy, what to avoid

The 'January' sales have started even earlier than usual this year as retailers try and squeeze as much cash as they can out of us even though we're in the middle of a scary credit crunch. That means you need to be even more... Read more »


Are you having a Credit Crunch Christmas?

Gemma Cartwright writes... You can't go five minutes without hearing about the economic crisis. The words 'credit' and 'crunch' have become lodged in our brains, making us think about the repercussions every time we look... Read more »

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Pick of the Blogs Angel's Sale Special

Click image to enlarge Here's my account of Saturday's Angel's Sale, read on to see what the bloggers thought: I was up at eight, there by half past (thanks dad!) queueing up with a gang of friends huddled together... Read more »


Behind The Scenes at CQ: Press day madness & sneaky peeks

Gemma Cartwright writes... Looking at Summer stuff in November should be depressing, but to be honest, it's a nice change not to be looking at party dresses, party dresses and more party dresses. That's why this season... Read more »


Alexander McQueen does cheap chic for Target: But will it be any good?

Gemma Cartwright writes... The news has broken. The rumours were actually true. Alexander McQueen will be producing an affordable line for Target . It won't be part of the Go International range, though. Instead it... Read more »


Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Scarves, wellies and gloves.

Gemma Cartwright writes... For me, Bonfire Night has always signalled the beginning of Winter. In October, I can sometimes fool myself into thinking it's ok to go out without a coat, wearing 3/4 sleeves or sheer tights.... Read more »

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Knee deep in wardrobe angst

I've had my eye on the fashion magazines and trend websites for quite a while, taking notes and planning what I want to add to my wardrobe this season but it seems like all this mental preparation was for nothing. Winter... Read more »


Peaches Geldof writes for 'Nylon' - and creates a stinking fuss

Kelly McAuliffe writes... Am I the only one who doesn't get what all the fuss is about regarding one Peaches Geldof and a certain debut column for Nylon magazine? I know people have strong feelings towards the girl... Read more »