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The Catwalk Queen team take on the issues of the moment and share their thoughts on the fashion industry with our columns. Head behind the scenes at fashion week, see how we feel about the more controversial side of the industry, see us rave about some of our favourite things, plus get the lowdown from those in the know with guest columns from some of our favourite fashion faces.

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CQ gets its Claus out - The Oscars

We sometimes get accused of being a bit too nice at Catwalk Queen, so from now on when we think the world of fashion - or Hollywood - needs bringing back down to earth with a big fat reality check, we'll be calling on our... Read more »

halle berry oscars 2002

Dear Oscars, please give us memorable look this year or else!

Kimberley Foster writes... Feel free to disagree with me here (perhaps I, like many of you, am simply suffering from awards ceremony overkill) but isn't it all getting a little too boring? As we hurtle towards the... Read more »


What happened when Debenhams and Weight Watchers created the 'Weight Loss Wardrobe'

Gemma Cartwright writes... As a woman who has constantly struggled with fluctuating weight, trying all the diets, exercise regimes and quick fixes in the book, I was interested to hear that Debenhams and Weight Watchers... Read more »


Zara Martin's Fashionable Week - Coachella

Last night I witnessed 90,000 people lose their minds. I got involved. My 3 amazing days at Coachella culminated with Dr Dre , Snoop Dogg , 50 Cent , Eminem , Wiz Khalifa and an awkward Tupac hologram taking to the... Read more »


Zara Martin's Fashionable Week - DJ double acts & polka dots

Say hello to OOH LA LA! Jade (Williams AKA Sunday Girl) and I have become a DJ double act and we'll be hosting a series of club nights, to be announced soon! This week we did a photo shoot in a taxidermy shop and had... Read more »


The week I let my daughter dress me - day three

Beth and Ella continued the 'week I let my daughter dress me' challenge over the weekend, with Beth putting her wardrobe in the hands of her 17 year old daughter yet again. And with mother / daughter clothes swapping hitting... Read more »


The week I let my daughter dress me - day two

We're on to day two of Beth's Mother's Day challenge to give up her usual wardrobe and entrust her outfits to her teenage daughter Ella instead. If you missed day one, you can check it out here. On day two, Ella went for a... Read more »


The week I let my daughter dress me - day one!

After the success of my ' the week I let my boyfriend dress me ' challenge back in January, we started discussing other ways we could humiliate various members of the team by getting their loved ones to choose their outfits.... Read more »


Zara Martin's Fashionable Week - Prepping for London Fashion Week

Hello London Fashion Week , I kind of hate you for what you're about to do to my feet. If I manage to stay upright and not break any important bones on the cobbles at Somerset House in my ridiculous heels today, I'll be... Read more »


The week I let my boyfriend dress me - day five!

Ladies and gents, after five days, we've hit crisis point. It all started so well , but as I discovered today, the key to keeping my boyfriend interested in this whole challenge lies in not waking him up early in order to... Read more »


The week I let my boyfriend dress me - Day 4!

Another day, another chance for my boyfriend to prove that some of the fashion stuff I've rambled on about over the last three and a half years has rubbed off on him... And I have to say, this is my favourite day yet. He opted... Read more »


The week I let my boyfriend dress me - day three!

We're on to day three of the week I let my boyfriend dress me, and after yesterday's trainer debacle , I had my fingers crossed for a slightly more feminine footwear choice for day three. Luckily, the man did not disappoint,... Read more »


The week I let my boyfriend dress me - day two!

We're on to day two of my latest wardrobe challenge, 'the week I let my boyfriend dress me' . I've stupidly handed over control of my wardrobe to my other half, and he'll be dressing me for seven days in an attempt to prove... Read more »


The week I let my boyfriend dress me - day one!

When I decided to give up control of my wardrobe for one week and let my boyfriend choose my clothes, I wasn't sure what to expect. Friends and colleagues thought I was mad (especially the ones who know the man in question)... Read more »


Gemma's adventures in fashion: The week I let my boyfriend dress me

Gemma Cartwright writes... There's no denying that in the fashion blogging world your best accessory is a style-savvy boyfriend with a camera. Think Garance Doré and Scott Schuman , or Susie Bubble and Steve Salter .... Read more »


Dressember diary - red lace, blue florals and another ill-advised hairband...

If you've been following my Dressember diary you'll know that I've taken on the challenge of wearing a different dress every day this month. Christmas parties and festive events make it easy, but freezing cold weather and... Read more »


Dressember diary - one week of dresses down!

We're over a week into my Dressember challenge, and while I have definitely not failed to wear a dress every day, I have struggled with the photographs - very little natural light causes all kinds of problems, so next week I... Read more »


The top five designer collaborations of 2010!

With the recent launch of the Julien MacDonald for Comet collection, it's got us thinking about other big fashion collaborations that have taken place over the year. 2010 has been a time of some of the greats teaming up, and... Read more »

top 10 designers to watch blackberry.jpg

Top 10 designers you don't know yet, but soon will!

As the dust settles on the S/S 2011 fashion week season , we now focus our attention on the future, namely the top 10 designers you don't know yet, in association with BlackBerry ® Torch ™ , available in the UK in... Read more »


Three thrilling fashion moments so far this year...

Since we are now at the half-way mark for 2010 (can it really be June already? Eep!) I thought why not take a look at three of this year's fashion moments that gave us a bit of a thrill. I think many of you will agree... Read more »


What's on your New Year's resolution list?

At the end of every year I promise myself that I'm not going to buy into the whole New Year's resolution thing. And every year, despite my best efforts not to, I always end up making at least one quiet resolution for myself.... Read more »