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100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas (#16, 17 & 18): True blue

Today's first crop of party dresses are a trio of bright blue numbers. This shade is a current CQ favourite, in fact yesterday both Isabelle and I rocked up to work in blue, black and brogues, oops! The colour is great for... Read more »

ASOS flower bust tulip dress.jpg

100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas (#7 - 15): Black, strapless & simple

I've spoken about Little Black Dresses so many times in recent weeks that even I'm bored of them (and at last count, I had about 20 of them in my wardrobe). Still, there's no denying the LBD is the perfect wardrobe staple for... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses (#s 5 & 6): Sale chic

The next pair of party dresses in my list of 100 are a pair of contrasting looks reduced in the pre-Christmas sales. The drape front purple silk number ( £40 at Warehouse ) is one of those 'business in the front, party in... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas: Prints Charming (#2, 3 & 4)

Prom-style polka dots, buttercup yellow brocade effect and whimsical blue swirls...here are three Christmas party frocks all for less than £20 each. Yes, I said less than twenty squids ! The polka dot mini prom dress... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas (#1)

You asked for it, you're going to get it! When we did a poll to find out what Christmas content you wanted to see on the site, party dresses were top priority. And you want them cheap, which is no surprise considering... Read more »