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100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #87 & 88: Checks and spots

With a lot of the emphasis on colour this season, prints and textures have taken a bit of a backseat so far in the 100 Cheap Party Dresses list. We've had a few florals and a few dots and brocades , but I think there's... Read more »

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100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas Gallery (#78 - 86) Dresses with sleeves!

This one's for those of you who agree with Helen Mirren that we need more dresses with sleeves, especially in Winter. I've raided the web for nine of them, from classic jersey numbers to cute little puffball minis. Whether... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #76 & 77: Teal for two

Still not got that perfect Christmas dress? You're cutting it fine as far as pre-Christmas postage goes, but there is still time. As an antidote to all the black, red and blue we've been seeing recently, here are two teal... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #71 - 75

[click the image to view a larger version] Time for more party dresses, and this time I've cheated a tiny bit. Technically, I could fill the entire final 30 with dresses from Style Shake , For £39 for cotton and linen... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #69 & 70: Back to Black (strapless prom dresses)

Earlier in the 100 Cheap Party dresses rundown, I featured a whole gallery of strapless black numbers . But you can never have too many LBDs in my opinion, so here are two more that definitely make the grade (especially... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #65 - 68: Gorgeous Couture sale finds

I'll be honest with you, the draped silk jersey styles from Gorgeous Couture are as far removed from my style as...well, jeans . But if you have dreams of dressing like Girls Aloud / a soap star and a body good enough to... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #63 & 64: A bit of extra festive sparkle

How do you make the Harlequin trend even more over the top? How about doing it in sequins? The £39.14 dress on the right is definitely not one for the faint-hearted, but if you've got the legs to pull it off, Christmas... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #62 - Copy Eva Mendes for less than £10!

Eva Mendes' yellow Bill Blass dress helped her outshine Scarlett Johansson at the premiere of 'The Spirit', but at well over £1000, the dress probably isn't in most people's festive budget. Luckily, ASOS.com have come up... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #61 - Miss Selfridge's limited edition frock

If you've still not found your perfect party dress (come on, I've brought you SIXTY! ) then feast your eyes on this baby. It's from Miss Selfridge, and is a special limited edition item that'll only be available on the... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #58, 59 & 60: No cash for a dress? No need to Boohoo (!)

These three dresses for £20 or less take us up to 60 in the 100 Cheap Party Dresses rundown. Yes, friends, the end is near (ish). To finish up today's bumper edition I have three dresses from Boohoo.com that'll suit even... Read more »

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100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #52 - 57: Celebrity inspired frocks

We're over halfway through the cheap party dresses rundown (thank God!) and today I've done something a little special, with a gallery of celebrity-inspired frocks for around £20 - £60. If you fancy getting the look of Gwyneth... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas (#49, 50 & 51): Think Pink!

Hurrah! We've finally passed the halfway stage in the 100 Cheap Party Dresses list, which is very good news because I'm running out of dresses under fifty quid! I know I said I'd stick to under £100, but everyone knows... Read more »

Gold 9.jpg

100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #40 - 48: Gold Rush

The 100 cheap party dresses feature is still going strong, and we continue with one of the most festive colours - gold - and nine gorgeous frocks ranging from £28 - £75. Click the one below to start the gallery Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #37, 38 & 39 - a trio of one-shoulder frocks

I'm getting close to the halfway mark on my list of 100 cheap party dresses, and the next three are all one-shouldered frocks for under £50. While we're talking one-shoulder, can we settle the 'off the shoulder' argument... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #36 - Colourblocking and hiding that festive overindulgence

Pretty cinched-waist party dresses are all well and good in the run-up to Christmas, but what about after you've consumed half a turkey and your own body weight in Quality Street? That's where dresses like this one come in.... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #33, 34 & 35

Am I really only at #35? I seem to have looked at every party dress going, but the good news for me is they're quickly being reduced in the run-up to Christmas (see, the credit crunch does have a good side, eek!).... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas #32 - Red roses for Santa

I'm pretty sure this is the same fabric used in Marks and Spencers' Patricia Field-designed Sex & The City number . But without the puffball shape and short-sleeved, it's slightly less obvious as a Carrie copy, making it a... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas: (#28, 29 & 30) All laced up

Lace dresses, mostly thanks to designers like Balmain, Chanel and Prada and celeb fans like Natalie Portman, Selma Blair, Thandie Newton and Peaches Geldof, are everywhere at the moment...so obviously I was bound to... Read more »

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100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas (#19 - 27) Fab festive florals gallery

Florals are usually associated with Christmas, but we've been enjoying a year full of pretty, flower-strewn dresses, and no doubt plenty of people will continue to wear their girly frocks well into the party season. If you've... Read more »


100 Cheap party dresses for Christmas (#19 and 20 for less than £20)

As I hit the twentieth cheap party dress, I thought it only fitting to pick a dress for less than £20. Or two dresses for less than £20, to be precise. Just because your budget is super-tight doesn't mean you can't wear... Read more »


100 Cheap Party Dresses for Christmas (#16, 17 & 18): True blue

Today's first crop of party dresses are a trio of bright blue numbers. This shade is a current CQ favourite, in fact yesterday both Isabelle and I rocked up to work in blue, black and brogues, oops! The colour is great for... Read more »