It's almost hard to wrap your head around how far Victoria Beckham has come from her first collection. For Spring 2014 gone are the signature wiggle dresses in favor of something far less body conscious and much more experimental. Was the experiment a success? The jury is still out.

By moving away from the shapes she's most comfortable with, Beckham (or her designers) seems to have made a bit of an awkward misstep. Particularly when shapes are non-traditional - like asymmetric skirts, the diagonal hems revealing kicky pleats one one side - tailoring is key. The fit on these wasn't as precise as it could have been. This may have been intentional as the fit on most garments wasn't very close to the body. It just didn't work. The pieces weren't so avant-garde as to be "ugly pretty" as so much fashion-forward design can be. It just looked poorly conceptualized. This isn't to say there weren't strong pieces that many women would aspire to have in their wardrobes.


She picked up on some of the major trends for Spring 2014 - black and white, crop tops (though hers were layered over crisp button downs, and sheer fabrics. A sporty geometric pattern was a high point in both white and pink. Skirts with ruffle hems showed a bit more of Beckham's former mastery of the womanly shape.

It was definitely a modern looking collection, and it's nice to see Beckham experimenting and taking chances. As she grows as a designer the chances she takes will likely pay off more and more. It's a growing process. This collection may have shown a few of those growing pains, but we're still anxious to see what comes next.