This season, Michael van der Ham seduced with his signature textures, tempting us with an array of gloriously collaged, luxurious silk, lace and organza fabrics layered, intertwined and contrasting one another with a mysteriously appealing air.

From shoulder-less dresses, feminine slips and gorgeously matching tee-and-trouser two pieces complimented with a rich, colour palette of tonal blacks and grey mixed with yellow, aubergine, coral and metallic persian green, this enigmatic collection was ready to engulf.


The textures in question included thick lace, elegant brocade and hints of jacquard, tirelessly fused together as if burnt and moth-eaten adding a certain gothic, eeriness. Vast floral landscapes overwhelmed other prints whilst silk inserts on chests offered a little sexiness. Glittering embellishment of beads and sequins sewn onto lace waists made the pieces dazzle even more as the collection drew to a close.

Hair was scraped back on models revealing minimal makeup nude faces with just a sprinkling of eyelid glitter, not to take away from the collection itself. Heels were unusually shaped and continuing with the floral pattern.

Looks to me as if Spring is going to be spookily glamorous if MVDH has anything to do with it, get absorbed by the collection below.