Meadham Kirchhoff LFW SS 14 Catwalk

Famed for being adorably eccentric, it would seem London Fashion Week saved some of it's best till last as Meadham Kirchhoff's Spring/Summer menagerie of madness hit the rose-lined runway. This season they bought us their signature, mysterious dolls Victorian-inspired and sexed up with metallics and reptile.

Sparking off the show, old-fashioned, regency style double breasted and pillbox jackets took centre stage paired with puff sleeve polka dot dresses and pleated skirts. Doll-like innocence was spiced up as revealing silk nightie slips with disjointed lacey collarss came into play. Things turned a little punky as reptile and metallic fabrics were introduced, power dressing models with beautiful coats and jackets in bright golds and patterned skins. Wild flower florals printed on gowns, skirts and shirts gave a very English feel whilst lace specifically patterned as hearts and bunnies riding rocking horses added such sweetness.

Colours began a simple monochrome slowly adding hints of yellow and red through socks and gloves, as the collection developed further, so did the colours as they became richer and more opulent adding sheer, expensive creams, browns and golds.

With MK in regards to accessories, more is most definitely more as models were coated in oversized straw hats, brightly coloured socks, long metallic gloves, unconventional sunglasses and childlike teddy bear bags. Shoes were remarkable square-cut toed flats with coloured lips. Whispy white and bright orange locks were tied back into long, bowed plaits whilst lips were painted an eye-catching red.

For me, it was the golden, reptile jacket with black collar that gave the collection a modern-day, chic edge - sign me up!

Why not take a little peep at the entire striking show for yourself below?