Surrounding Mary Katrantzou's Spring / Summer 2014 show that hit London Fashion Week yesterday, I noticed the print designer send lots of tweets using the words, "Mary Katrantzshoe". Now I know why. The well renowned designer has a challenge more than most on the LFW schedule in reinventing her ever successful and widely known print signatures. This season, she decided to do it with shoes


Previous collections have seen Katrantzou focus on such abstracts as stationery, so we suppose shoes is as good as anything else, and as pointed out on the show notes, shoes are fashion's favourite fetish. Starting off with a darker more gothic feel, which is rare for a Spring / Summer collection, the shoe theme was cleverly intertwined within the pints. From a beginning based on brown leather brogues featuring shoelaces and perforation detail, the collection then moved closer to Mary's vibrant and colourful signatures taking inspiration from trainers and sport inspired shoe details. These fell on simplistic modern lines which were high in volume and played with proportion.


Whether Mary simply felt she couldn't possibly do a Spring / Summer collection without the inclusion of florals (she's so good at them) or they somehow fit into the shoe theme, the collection ended on a high with intricate digital floral prints on babydoll style dresses that played with proportion in a really modern way.


Another triumph for Mary, but for how many more season's can she think of a new angle? We're sure she'll come up with something. why not check out the full show in the video below?