Not only was London Fashion Week day three the chance for Mulberry, Topshop Unique and Mary Katrantzou to show off their best efforts for Spring but it was also the turn of the much less avant-garde Margaret Howell as she presented her laid-back, plaid-clad ladies floating down the runway, not taking any of this fashion life too seriously. Howell's offering was a refreshingly commercial and chilled out collection as models were fitted in tailored blazers, high wasted shorts and bandeau dresses.

The colour palette chosen was a selection of natural nudes, navy, browns and subtle blues as print patterns included stripes, checks and polka dots. Loose shirts were tucked into buttoned skirts as others were cropped and paired with rolled up trousers. Soft jerseys, hooded macs and collared jackets layered over pinafores will no doubt be keeping us toasty on Spring evenings. Simple straw hats and thick-strapped sandals were added, complimenting the understated look wonderfully.

Overall, the collection gave off a by-the-water, nautical feel with just the right amount of chic - relax, if Howell has anything to do with it, come Summertime we'll be dipping our toes into the river chewing on piece of straw. See you there, I'll be wearing the spotted finale dress.