In a vast collection of arabic chic meets monochrome, KTZ brought us a mismatch of what felt like three different collections at London Fashion Week day four. From super star-print, to subtle florals and finishing with heavily studded goth the KTZ designers had a lot of offer.

The collection for me, kicked of beautifully with a focal point of star-printed monochrome which was very reminiscent of Marc Jacobs circa 2009. The boys of KTZ played around with these elements on sheer shirts, leggings and many raincoats (looks as if they predict a very English S/S). Layered organza and perspex were added to the mix as the new found star-print reflected light in it's 3D form. Models accessorised with unusually warped caps as if they'd left their truckers on the radiator as their feet donned clear point-toed heels and star-print boots.

The collection dramatically turned floral as coral and navy printed robes, suit jackets and dresses took to the runway, teamed with oversized arabian jewels and printed with symbols. Models were drowned in sweet, understated florals from head-to-toe wearing plastic biker jackets over thigh length boots.

Florals turned to leather, PVC and a treasure chest of studs as the final part of the collection came into play, turning things heavily gothic and interestingly adding reconstructed pinstripe suits to the melting pot. Spiked bodices and devil horns gave a sadistic edge as the finale looks were all about thick leather and serious attitude.

For full coverage, check out the clip filled to the brim with the collection(s) below.