For me, Kate Bosworth has emerged these past few years as a real style icon. Previously better known as being a beautiful blonde American actress you'd see in the occasional rom com, recently Kate has started to come out as a fashion icon in her own right. Since being named as Topshop's muse for several seasons, we've really gotten to know the actress's style. Kate, who got married just this weekend, has recently appeared in a feature for Net-a-Porter's magazine, from which you can see the beautiful images below.


Of her relationship with Michael Polish, she said, "There are so many things that just clicked for us. It's like, what didn't draw us together? It feels as if we have known each other our whole lives, even though he is 12 years older than me. But it feels like he's been there every step of the way. And he is a great mentor to me, artistically."


Kate also revealed some details of her top secret wedding confirming that it will take place in the countryside, "A place where Michael spent a lot of time as a child" as well as spilling the beans on her wedding dress by Oscar del la Renta describing him as a "master in American elegance". She said, "There was no doubt about the designer, [but] there was a feeling of, 'Do I dance around the bridal thing and wear a dress I could wear for the red carpet?' But lately I'm all about coming out of my comfort zone and challenging myself, so I decided to embrace the moment. It has been a real discovery of that part of myself. I had never thought about it - the dress, the ring, any of it".


She continued. "I love being 30, because I've hit that moment when I can reflect on my life comfortably," she says. "What I've learned from Michael is that when we feel vulnerable, at least in an artistic situation, it can be a good thing."


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