John Rocha LFW SS14

It was a full house at John Rocha today as fashionistas piled onto pews and fought for standing space at his Somerset House show (kudos to the little boy on front row who looked as if he would of much rather of been at legoland than next to the runway).

After the first serving of Rocha, a white gown with piercing, rich red embellished roses we understood exactly why it had been a fashion pile-up in the first place. As we were fed even more servings it was clear that if you were there to see nipple, this was the show for you. Rocha's insistent use of sheer organza did not leave much to the imagination - close your eyes little boy!

Not wanting his rather nude models to get too chilly come Spring, Rocha generously complimented the dresses with a selection of long and cropped jackets; frayed and unfinished looking, adding a new edge.

Colours and patterns began soft and sweet as printed floral dresses were made to look 3D with layered fabrics mimicking feminine petals, roses and blooms - paired with a picnic basket and blanket they would be more than adorable for a Summer's day. As the collection progressed, Rocha made things even sexier opting for black and gold lacquered lace which we simply adored. Sheers turned dark and were layered with frayed tutus creating new, exciting silhouettes.

Accessories gave a high fashion edge to an otherwise, very pretty collection as twisted organza piped handbags and large peaked caps complimented adorable florals, finally taking hold of the finale dress, made entirely of the same technique.

If you are a John-lover or perhaps just want to see a bit of nip then by all means take a peep at the show clip below.