Another rainy day at London Fashion Week, and we kicked off by heading backstage to check out what Zoë Jordan has lined up for Spring / Summer 2014. With her usual trademark of androgynous yet feminine pieces, like DAKS, this was another show that got me wishing the months away to SS14.

Zoë Jordan ss14 3.jpg

Entitled Pretty Vandals, Zoë Jordan was being a tad nostalgic and taking inspiration from the nineties this season. Talks backstage focused on the idea of a rebellious skater girl who is now grown up, the look was cool and original but still polished and refined. Prints took form on urban style separates emblazoned with graffiti and doodle designs whilst colour was luxe with a palette of pink and blue pastels highlighted with black, white and red. With an appealing combination of a sporty yet city-scape aesthetic, textures were varied spanning perforated leathers in black and white, luxe pink crepes and bold colour in sheer organza.

Zoë Jordan ss14 2.jpg

Zoë said of the collection, "For SS14 I have been inspired by the progression and evolution of 'luxury street wear'. This season I am trying to bring together some of the more popular themes and movements that have been the pulse over the last couple of decades of the fast-paced, urban, multicultural capital, London - that I am proud to call home".

Zoë Jordan ss14.jpg

She continued, "Elements from graffiti, 90s street art and urban wear seem to merge beautifully into the brands already core values of sharp cuts and structured pieces with a blend of soft tailoring and loosely fitted tees."

Zoë Jordan ss14 4.jpg

I can imagine many people will be wanting to be a Zoë Jordan girl come Spring / Summer 2014, myself included. Watch this space for a full video of the show.