Creatures of the Wind is one of the more interesting, outside-the-box designers on the New York Fashion Week official schedule, and they were one of the first to show today as fashion month kicked off.

The collection continued to exhibit designers Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters' fashion outlier sensibility, even though they've moved their studios from Chicago here to New York. As the brand has grown, their collections have exhibited more of an eye towards wearability. The designers finally seem aware of the goal of selling the clothes, not just have them be talked-about art pieces.

They continued to play with unexpected colors and combinations but in more traditional silhouettes reminiscent of the 50s. Sometimes it was very reminiscent - wide swing skirts paired with cardis and a kerchief, sometimes it was more subtle - fall's more voluminous shoulders and sleeves with straight, not-too-tight capri pants.

The 50s nod comes from the pair's fascination with Eugene Von Bruenchenhein's photographs of his wife from that era. The photographs, at least those in which she is clothed, almost look like modern OOTD blogger photos, in that they are casual yet staged and taken by a creative and romantic partner, as is so often the case. This inspiration comes across as a bit symbolic, considering the mix of retro and modern in the collection.

More fantastical fabrics came in bold red brocades adorned with pink and green florals and almost matte metallics, if you can imagine such a thing, in gold and silver glitter.

The collection was entitled "The Pale Hyperborea," after the mythological Greek paradise of nonspecific location, the designers said they were drawn to the notion of the ephemera. The sharper tailoring and less outrageous fabrics will surely help the brand become one women don't just look at, but buy.