If you've ever felt some resentful bile rise in your throat when that rude annoying person in front of you in line at Tesco is wearing sweatpants, trainers and a huge Louis Vuitton bag, rest assured. Louis Vuitton doesn't want her carrying their bag, either. The brand is concerned that their brand image is being diluted by annoying bitches. Okay, those aren't their words. They technically haven't released any words.

What's known is that the brand is underperforming for the year, and part of the blame is being put on ubiquity. What is the answer? A super exclusive It bag.

The Capucine bag costs up to £3,250 and is sold out in most Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. It is made of full-grain Taurillon calf-leather. This is the same leather as perhaps the most exclusive handbag in the world - the Hermes Birkin. (Though, really, doesn't it seem like every footballer's wife has one of those these days?) While a logo version does appear in the campaign, it will surely be one of the hardest versions to snap up. Most bear only a small Louis Vuitton Paris stamp.

To ensure demand, the brand first executed a winning marketing strategy. The campaign for the bag started generating buzz as soon as it was announced the reclusive Michelle Williams would star. The campaign itself was gorgeous, of course. Then Angelina Jolie was photographed carrying the bag.

This alone is worth some speculation. Do you think she was just sent the bag and happened to be photographed it? It seems like a petty game to play for Jolie, who likes to eschew fashion. For the same reason it seems somehow unlike her to be a paid brand ambassador. But she is known for taking less intellectually stimulating work in order to fund her philanthropic causes, so it's not out of the question.

So that settled it, everyone wanted this bag. But, Louis Vuitton shop assistants have been leaking that the brand is employing Hermes' tactic of "drip feeding" the bag to stores. Releasing only very small batches to ensure wait lists and sold out stores.