Christopher Kane's show is always one of the most hotly anticipated on the London Fashion Week schedule, and why should this season be any different? It wasn't. And the designer proved why. Christopher Kane, who is known for driving a point home with his collection, didn't fail to do so yesterday at his Spring / Summer 2014 collection show. This time, the theme was florals, but not as you know them.

Backstage Kane said, "Florals are done to death, so I never want them to look like anyone else's. I never like to do anything like anyone else." He continued, "We live because of flowers and trees. They produce oxygen. But we take them for granted." The show notes talked furthered upon this, comparing the female anatomy to a flower as well as drawing inspiration from from the process of photosynthesis. Just to finish off, the designer linked it all back into the inadequacy of high school sex education.


So what was on offer? Metallic trimmed cut outs in large petal shapes took form on everything from a black two piece suit, to revealing sporty feel separates and more subtly on abstract prints. This same shaping was used as constructions on necklines making for a modern fresh-feel attention to detail. Whilst Kane's ideas and suggestions behind yesterday's floral show theme had a rebellious and somewhat sinister meaning, the iridescent trimmed cut outs on lighter colour bases such as nude and lilac felt progressive, feminine and made for want-to-wear pieces for the upcoming Spring / Summer 2014 season.


Sculptured sweat shapes appeared next, styled beautifully with midi length sheer floral printed skirts, and happened to be emblazoned with the word "FLOWER", whilst another showed an annotated diagram of a flower, driving home Kane's message on photosynthesis. Barely there cami strap dresses followed suit, from what I've seen for dress shapes they're set to be huge for SS14, but with Christopher Kane's usual edge adding crocodile clips (I only remember these from school) to the neckline. This detail could be seen threaded throughout the more conservative lady styles.


What do you make of this new / peverse take on florals? Whilst the theory behind it is a little mental, I think it's made for a pretty beautiful collection, don't you? Who cares how he got there, it's the end result that counts right? Check it out for yourself in the video below.