If you haven't heard across the pond, Phillip Lim for Target is kind of a big deal. The most hotly anticipated collaboration of Fall 2013, Target has finally revealed the collection that debuts September 15.

Everyone from bloggers to major mags have been sharing their favorite picks on social media, and some of the most beloved items are the handbags. They're not made of leather, but sources confirm the construction is a cut above the typical Target handbag.

Apparently it took five years for the designer to agree to do a diffusion for the mass retailer.

"Five years ago, they asked if I wanted to do this specific project, Go International. This one isn't the Go one, and I was just focusing on my thing and was like, I don't understand why I would do that. In hindsight, I was like, thank God because when you're working with a company like Target, it's an industry in itself and as big as it is, it's such responsibility. A t-shirt on Target's scale, it's like a city of t-shirts, and I don't want to just litter. I pushed them off for five years and they kept coming back and coming back and they were finally like, 'Okay you have to, you can't wait anymore, so do whatever you want,'" he told Fashionista.

The collection, organized into themes of morning, noon and night, is one Lim hopes is full of lasting wardrobe staples.

"I didn't want to approach it as a diffusion line of cocktail dresses. I took what I do and what they could do and blended it all together and used the codes of my house with the needs of a modern-day person constantly on the go. How do you conquer that every day and if you can, what are the tools? I approached it in a really practical way and tried to relate everything back to the way people relate to clothes."

Clothing will range from $19.99 to $299.99 and accessories will top out at $59.99.