As a teen, Purple online editor Paula Goldstein di Principe couldn't wait to get to London. So much so that she took any course that would take her without qualifications, which happened to be art college - which lead to the London College of Fashion.

"For me London is almost like an entire world. It is like a city of villages, you can meet so many different people with so many different perspectives and nationalities. You are constantly learning and things are constantly changing. You walk a street and three weeks later you walk through it again and it has three different shops ... so I feel it is a place that you can never get bored in."

Hmm, changing storefronts may say more about the current retail economy than the everchanging nature of the city, but sure! That's a positive spin on it!

We love the adorable snap above from Goldstein's instagram, from the Edinburgh Festival.

Like any true Londoner she has a favorite pub on her block where she is a regular - the Lord Palmerston. She loves to wear local designers like Jonathan Anderson, Richard Nicoll, Simone Rocha and Antipodium.

"For me I'd much rather wear those brands which are growing, almost like every dress counts in a way, [than] to be wearing the huge corporations. That being said I do love Kenzo, Celine, and I'll never say no to a pair of Miu Miu shoes but I try to make an active choice to support young, British designers where possible."

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