After being the millionth model ever to lament that she loves modeling, but her true passions are acting and music (hedge your bets!) in British Vogue, Cara Delevingne seems on the precipice of an actual movie career. We're sure aspiring models and cubicle workers alike feel Cara's pain at not having her first choice of fame and luxury-redolent career path.

Nonetheless, Hollywood, she comes a-callin'. After a bit part alongside Keira Knightley in Anna Kerenina, pretty much everyone is reporting that Delevingne is set to star in Kids in Love.

According to "the film is said to be about a group of affluent young Londoners whose lives centre around drugs and parties. Apparently, shooting will start in September at Ealing Studios - which is owned by Thompson's father."

Hmm, not too much of a stretch for everyone favorite powder-dropping party girl. Perhaps drug use will lay our lady low in the film, as she's previous expressed that ugly is the prettiest beautiful, and how much she admires Charlize Theron's performance in Monster.

"She's the most beautiful woman, like an Amazonian goddess, and then she did this movie Monster, where she plays a real thug. She plays really ugly, and I love that. That's what I want to be, I want to be like, a crazy cave woman or a possessed demon child. I want to be that ugly -- that ugly is the most beautiful, do you know what I mean?" she said in the aforementioned British Vogue article.

We will have to wait and see, and we certainly will be.

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