Miley Cyrus is a devisive figure in pop culture ... and is only becoming more so in the lead up to her new album Bangerz. (The title of which, in itself, is a little offensive in the way that it appropriates hardcore rap culture.) In the fashion community, she's been both lauded and lambasted for her drastic reinvention from girl next door to risk-taking fashionista. (See: drastic haircut, 2013 Met Gala.)

But it's antics like her pole dancing performance at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards, long before she really broke away from her child-friendly Hannah Montana persona, that really give people pause. She got people talking again at last night's MTV Video Music Awards when she performed a strip-tacular duet of We Can't Stop and Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke.

My first reaction was "Robin Thicke is still a performer?" My second reaction mirrored that of Will Smith's family, which turned out to be an internet gaffe, seen here.

Some people are saying this was inappropriate for a "family event." Now, I'm not sure what your average family with impressionable children settles in to watch on a Sunday night, but I don't think it's the MTV VMAs. MTV is not children's television and I don't think people should have an expectation that it be family friendly.

I am far more skeeved out by the facts that Thicke remained fully clothed and joined Miley in mimicking raunchy sex acts and that he is a married 36 year old. I know Miley is an adult at age 20 and can choose to display her sexuality however she wants. But the fact is that performances like this are what make guys in "da club" think it's okay to come up and perpetrate contact that would be clearly defined as harassment anywhere else. (And - surprise - it still counts as harassment when you attack-hump someone even if there's some Skrillex pumping.)

There is not much to say about the fashion here. Miley's wearing a shiny flesh-toned bikini, foam finger and platform boat shoes and Thicke is wearing a Beatlejuice suit that makes me question the black and white striped jeans I was previously excited about. On the red carpet Miley exhibited more of a mariachi costume, seen below.