World renowned supermodel and former Victoria's Secret angel, Helena Christensen, features in a new set of shots showcasing Triumph's Autumn / Winter 2013 collection. The 44 year old beauty shows off the the delicate lace pieces on her enviable figure, from which she designed a selection.


Helena has designed a luxury range for the underwear brand consisting of three differently-themed collections - Poetica, Ballerina and Dahlia. She told Red Magazine in their latest interview, "I would be like, "Can we put some lace in here, a little chiffon there?" And the answer would be, "Well, we also need to consider support and wires." But I worked hard to get the right shape. I don't like an in-your-face cleavage. I just want to enhance where it's needed.'


As well as designing, Helena she art directed the pictures for the campaign herself, which are set to be a move away from "aggressively sexual images lingerie campaigns often rely on" and focus on a romantic idyll.


Of the collection Helena said, "I designed it all myself, but obviously had a team working with me to explain all the technical aspects - we put together mood boards, sketches, fabrics, just anything that I felt inspired by. It was fascinating to sit with experienced designers and see the background of the construction. There was a lot to learn - I even went to Hong Kong to talk to the seamstresses and see the samples, I was really involved."


What do you make of the shots? I'm enjoying the soft hazy feel of the photographs and the romantic vintage inspired yet super sexy underwear looks beaut. Let us know what you think in the comments below.