Anna Wintour may be the reining queen of glossies, but Lucky's newest (youngest ever) editor in chief Eva Chen is clearly the editor of the moment. And it's a big moment: the September issue.

Being Wintour's first big appointment as creative director of Conde Nast, which publishes both Vogue and Lucky, makes Chen big news in more than just our small fashion world. Which is why she was profiled in The New York Times this week.

The social media addiction the piece describes doesn't come to news to any of us, Chen is our social media addiction. But it says something that the famously old-school Wintour has places such confidence in such a shining star of new media.

Chen, of course, has glowing things to say about the magazine she now helms.

"It was the first magazine I read where I knew who all the editors were and was the first place I saw street style photographed. What Lucky pioneered, now everybody does," she told the Times.

It's also refreshing to hear an inside talk about the "life curating" we all do for social media.

"I'm showing them what shoes I'm wearing, the flowers on the desk -- the parts of my life worth sharing" she said. "Is there a picture of me editing copy for four hours straight or sifting through 1,000 pictures? Not so much."

Much is being made of the fact that Chen's first cover for Lucky was styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, who also styled Wintour's groundbreaking first cover for Vogue in 1988.

For lovers of both old and new media, the feature is one to read and Chen is one to watch.