Today's dress is one that some of you may recognise already - it was featured it this week's newsletter as one of our top picks - but I wanted to highlight it as our dress of the day too. The reason? Just looking at it makes me want to grab my heels, get dressed up and go to a cute and quirky wedding.

Oasis Winter Floral DressOasis Winter Rose Print Dress £65 >>

When it comes to fashion, rose prints can often feel a little dated (or look a little too much like your Grandparents stair carpet) but Oasis have done something rather clever: instead of printing the floral design all over or falling into the mirror image trap, they've left visible white space at the hem, which automatically gives the dress an edge over similar pieces on the high street at the moment. It helps that they've thrown in a couple of throwing a couple of pretty blue birds into the mix too, to break up the large blooms.

Featuring a slim-lined sleeves, split detail pencil skirt and a flattering nipped in waist that would make Dita Von Teese proud, this vintage inspired is a bargain at £65. Oasis invites you to be enchanted by their "fairytale-worthy" winter rose print, and I have to admit, that it exactly how I feel. What do you think?