We all know how much Coco Rocha loves her social media, so it's no surprise when Anh Co Tran took his shears to Ms. Rocha's long brown locks she livetweeted the whole thing for Allure Magazine.

@Allure_Magazine was first out of the gate, tweeting "Big news! @cocorocha is getting her hair cut - short! Stay tuned for our live coverage of her transformation!"

Rocha was quick to follow with a snap of husband @JamesConran taking the first cut (don't worry, Tran was overseeing).

"[James] was very reassuring leading up to this," she told Allure. "He said, 'Start with a longer short cut and then you can always go back and go shorter if you want, you don't have to go all the way at first.'"

Allure and Rocha tweeted several more pictures during the whole process and Rocha revealed actress Tilda Swinton was an inspiration for the cut (great taste!).

Rocha was even a good sport, retweeting some of the less generous comments that flooded in.

"Live tweeting @cocorocha's haircut? What's next, my maids live tweeting my catnaps?" said parody account @ChoupettesDiary.

Allure has a video here.