Cara Delevingne has confirmed her rumored film Kids in Love by posting photos from the set on her Instagram. The cast photo above features Cara, Alma Jodorowsky, Gala Gordon, Sebastian de Souza (Skins), Preston Thompson (who has guest-starred on a variety of American TV series), and unidentified instagram user Foggy9 (who has a candid shot of Dame Judi Dench on his feed!).


Cara (seen above with Gala Gordon in a photo captioned "sissy poo I see you!" - do the pair play sisters?) has described the movie as "rich kids who live a wild lifestyle filled with parties and drugs." The subject matter, along with the casting of relative unknowns or acting newbies reminds of Kids in a lot of ways - and hopefully it appeals in the same manner.


While we're not sure where these photos were taken, it was rumored the filming would begin at Ealing Studios in September. Coincidentally, the studios are owned by Barnaby Thompson, father of Preston Thompson who is seen above and was Cara's castmate in her first film project Anna Karenina. It's possible Thompson isn't part of the cast and was just hanging around, but we'll hope we'll see him on screen!