Izmaylova Tuberose dress

Got a spare £850 burning a hole in your pocket? First of all, tell me your secret, but once you're done with that, consider splashing your cash on this in-your-face dress from Izmaylova. It's got everything - sheer panels, cutouts, structured sections, all-over lace applique...even a sprinkling of ostrich feathers!

Does that mean that if they made Top Hat today, this is the dress Ginger Rogers would wear for the big dance number (which would probably be more Step Up, less Strictly Come Dancing)? Perhaps not - let's not mess with a classic, even hypothetically - but this dress is guaranteed to both grab attention and annoy men, just like Ginger's feathery confection did back in 1935! If that's not reason enough to make it dress of the day, I don't know what is.